How to choose a men’s fragrance ?

Fragrance is an important addition to a daily routine and many people are keen to have their own olfactory signature. Today, there’s a lot more to focus on than merely choosing a perfume for your age. Woody, musky, floral or chypre: which fragrance will reveal who you really are? Although Bon Parfumeur’s perfumes are unisex, we’re happy to make a few suggestions.

The right fragrance for your personality

A fragrance expresses the different facets of your personality and must give a glimpse of who you are, as soon as you smell it. Whether you have a signature scent or you’re wearing a fragrance as a one-off, it reveals everything about you, so it’s a good idea to put some thought into it! Show off your personality by choosing a fragrance with mysterious and mesmerizing notes and enjoy guaranteed success, gentlemen!

Want to go all out?

Looking for a stylish, timeless fragrance for a date or another important event? Emphasize your elegance by choosing fragrances with woody accords of sandalwood and cedar, like Eau de Parfum 602. Pure class!

Feeling playful?

Are you a fan of the chase? Call off the search: oriental perfumes are just what you’re looking for! With their amber and spicy notes, featuring cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, they create incredibly sensual fragrances that make quite the impression. With the oriental 301 perfume, you’re going to knock ’em dead!

Looking to meet new people?

Rather than buying a bunch of flowers, opt for floral fragrances to show who you really are. The perfect combo? Choose a perfume that includes lavender, violet or even jasmine. Reveal your passionate personality by opting for floral/woody accords of musk and patchouli.

Longing for freedom?

They say you’re a free spirit and a go-getter. Looking for a fragrance to highlight your strong personality? Opt for a scent with real character like Eau de Parfum 303. Spicy notes of cinnamon and pepper combined with woody notes of cedar and sandalwood create bold and delightfully heady fragrances. Our recommendation? Powerful accords with leather notes for a dangerously wild side.

Sex, fragrance and the city

Rather than gulping down a strong coffee, why not treat yourself to an invigorating and uplifting fragrance? Living in the urban jungle, you won’t be able to resist aquatic scents, accentuated by notes of lotus and blue cypress. We also recommend citrus notes including mandarin and grapefruit from the hesperide olfactory family for their refreshing scent. Ready to take the plunge? Try the aquatic 801 perfume from Bon Parfumeur.

A fan of the great outdoors?

Ready to tackle the challenges of everyday life? You won’t be able to get enough of green and aromatic notes with their invigorating effect. Fragrances made with basil, aniseed and peppermint create the ultimate boost. Our favorite? Bon Parfumeur’s Eau de Parfum 701, with its eucalyptus, coriander and cypress notes!

Choosing a fragrance for your age? Forget it!

Choosing a scent that reflects who you are isn’t always easy, especially when you have a multifaceted personality. The solution? Opt for unisex fragrances, follow your heart and forget your age to find the perfect scent.

A fragrance for free spirits

Are you a bit of a dreamer? Sweet, fresh scents are ideal for you. Notes of orange, rhubarb, quince and cardamom showcase a free-spirited personality in just a few spritzes. Eau de Parfum 202 with watermelon and redcurrant? The perfect choice!

What scent for accomplished men?

Confident men appreciate woody and spicy fragrances that reveal their self-assurance. Combined with oriental scents, notes of amber, musk and patchouli are ideal to highlight their experience and knowledge. It’s your choice: reveal the very best of yourself!

Struggling to choose a fragrance? Perhaps a unisex perfume could be just what you’re looking for? Although it depends on your age and your personality, there’s always a perfect fragrance for you! Looking for a perfume as a gift for a woman or your first child? Read our articles on the subject!



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