How to choose a perfume for winter ?

Do you wear the same perfume all year round? It might be time to change things up. Changing your perfume with the season to reflect your mindset is the latest beauty trend! This winter, take an olfactory breather and enjoy a “perfume break”: the perfect way to help you break the ice. Read on for our advice on choosing the right perfume for the season.

Is it really a good idea to change your perfume with the seasons?

It’s no secret that our mood changes with the weather. This explains why we don’t feel the same when watching the snow falling outside as we do when we’re lying on a lounger in the blazing sun. What if we took advantage of this seasonal change in our mood to change our fragrance as well?

Winter marks the beginning of long, cozy evenings: hot chocolate, blankets and a Netflix subscription are all must-haves! With the legendary holiday season and stunning snowy landscapes, winter is a truly magical time of the year. Treat yourself to a special fragrance for winter and set temperatures soaring, even while it’s cold outside!

Which notes should you choose for winter?

This season, it’s all about gourmand fragrances

It’s impossible to talk about winter without mentioning Christmas markets, filled with traditional stands offering delicious mulled wine and waffles. Unsurprisingly, winter is therefore the perfect time for a deliciously gourmand scent: there’s no shame in it! Choose a delicious fragrance with notes of caramel, cotton candy, candied orange or honey for a truly mouth-watering experience! (And don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

Time to get them hot under the collar this winter

Although temperatures might be below zero, this season is all about seduction. Opt for powerful, sensual scents that are sure to leave them mesmerized. Choose a men’s fragrance for winter that combines woody notes such as cedar, sandalwood and patchouli with notes of black rose and vanilla to create a sense of mystery.

Let your perfume transport you this winter, all from the comfort of your own home

Does winter make you want to get away from it all? Choose oriental scents with wonderfully exotic notes for a truly extraordinary journey. This season, try a women’s perfume for winter that features spicy notes and powerful scents including tonka bean, musk and black pepper. Close your eyes and wake up in the heart of a snowy forest or a sumptuous oriental palace.

Treating yourself to a winter perfume? That’s bound to be your best idea this season! Whether it’s gourmand, exotic or sensual, your fragrance should spark a reaction! Not sure about which perfume to choose for the coming seasons? Find out how to choose a perfume for spring and summer, along with a special fall fragrance.




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