How to choose your perfume

Incredibly seductive, a perfume embodies who we are and boosts our confidence on a daily basis. A key step in any beauty routine, perfume is now an essential part of our everyday lives. How can you choose a perfume that showcases your personality and puts a spring in your step? Read on for our advice on finding the perfect perfume or reach our specialist to get your recommendations: you’ll be irresistible!

A perfume you can’t be parted from

More than just a fragrance, a perfume is a genuine olfactory signature. A mesmerizing perfume should make a statement and linger in your wake. A perfume is very personal: it must reflect and reveal who you are, from the very first time you smell it. To choose the right perfume, it should be tailored to your personality, your age and even your mood. Are you a little overwhelmed by all the different options? Follow our guide to find out how to choose the ultimate head-turning fragrance!

Express your personality

One thing’s for sure: your perfume should reflect your personality and leave you feeling incredibly confident. To help you make a decision, let’s take a closer look at the different olfactory families. These six categories express your character and your mood. It’s up to you to choose what you want to reveal about yourself:

- Hesperide: synonymous with freshness and lightness, citrus fragrances from this family are perfect for dynamic, inspiring and cheerful personalities.
- Floral: iris, jasmine, lily of the valley - perfect for affectionate, happy people.
- Chypre: bergamot, rose, patchouli - these stimulating yet elegant fragrances are ideal for those with strong and authentic personalities.
- Oriental: musk, spices, vanilla - these muted fragrances reveal seductive, enigmatic and sensual personalities!
- Aromatic: lavender, rosemary, sage - these scents are perfect for extroverted and energetic people.
- Woody: patchouli, cedar, sandalwood - these notes reveal an adventurous and daring spirit.

A fragrance for any age

How can you choose the right perfume for your age? While there are no set rules when it comes to perfume, fragrances seem to adapt to their wearer. From the age of three, fragrances for children feature discreet scents and comforting notes including honeysuckle and orange blossom. By the age of twenty, your personality is fully developed. It’s natural to turn to floral and springlike scents to express the paradox between carefree adolescence and ever-emerging femininity. As you enter your thirties, it’s all about seduction. Your perfume must reveal an intense sensuality, while creating a sense of mystery and elegance. In your forties, it’s time to reassess things and question the status quo. Any change in fragrance must echo a desire for a change in lifestyle. There’s plenty to consider! Do you still have a childish sense of innocence or are you more of a femme fatale? Let your nose guide you!

A perfume for men or women?

What we’re about to say is going to shock you, but we owe it to you to tell the truth. When a perfumer creates a fragrance, it’s not intended to be masculine or feminine. Although perfumes have no gender, marketing helps create the concept of male and female fragrances. Why do some perfumes seem to be more suited to women or are only to be used by men? Simply because some notes express a more feminine or masculine side. How should you choose a perfume for men? Leather, tobacco and patchouli notes are more appealing to men while floral and muted notes will attract women looking for an incredibly feminine scent. However, leather notes can create a professional, sophisticated feel for women while floral notes like jasmine provide an irresistibly romantic scent for men. Not interested in any these fragrances? Why not opt for a unisex perfume? With their mixed scents, they’re suitable for both men and women: everyone’s a winner!

Choosing the right perfume based on your star sign and your personality

Your star sign is another factor to take into account when searching for the ideal fragrance. On the face of things, astrology doesn’t seem to be an obvious consideration when you’re looking for a perfume, but it provides plenty of information about your preferences and your personality. How can you choose a perfume based on your star sign? It couldn’t be easier!

Find out which types of fragrances are preferred by the various signs of the Zodiac:

- Passionate and vivacious, Aries have strong personalities. Aries love floral fragrances for their romance and sensuality and can’t resist dynamic citrus notes.
- Go-getting Tauruses are as stubborn as they are thoughtful. Spicy fragrances echo their fiery personalities, while woody scents reveal their charisma.
- With their optimistic temperament, Geminis are gentle and carefree. Gourmand fragrances reflect their epicurean side while green notes perfectly convey their energy and dynamism.
- Cancers are inspired by their feelings and follow their instincts. Floral and fruity fragrances highlight their inherent shyness while spicy scents emphasize their spontaneity.
- Dynamic and seductive, Leos like to be the center of attention. Spicy scents express their fiery, extravagant side.
- Quiet and introverted, Virgos like spring scents with notes of lily of the valley and jasmine.
- Libras are sweet and outgoing; floral notes combine perfectly with their poetic natures. Their extroverted side can be expressed by woody scents, as long as they’re not dominant.
- Scorpios are big-hearted and have strong characters. Citrus and spicy scents showcase their dynamic personalities while floral notes give a glimpse of their emotions.
- Bold Sagittarians like woody and spicy scents to demonstrate their outgoing personality.
- Capricorns are authentic and are looking for a sense of security; they like gourmand fragrances that reassure them, evoking their childhood.
- Original and idealistic, Aquarians like unique fragrances. They mix perfumes to create their own scents.
- Pisceans are dreamers and prefer sweet and gourmand notes to let their imagination run wild.

Choose a perfume by notes

Choosing a perfume is very personal and becomes even more complicated when you have a multi-faceted personality: discreet, exuberant, innocent, femme fatale... Is it impossible to define your personality? Don’t worry! Choose your perfume based on its notes.

A perfume has a complex three-level structure. This olfactory pyramid gradually reveals the perfume’s different notes:

- Top notes: these volatile notes provide the initial scent, as soon as the fragrance is sprayed. They often correspond to citrus or aromatic notes.
- Heart notes: as their name suggests, these sensual notes reflect a perfume’s true personality, only appearing after several minutes. They are often floral, fruity or even spicy.
- Base notes: these are the last notes to emerge and linger for several hours after the scent has been sprayed. They give depth to the fragrance and are often woody or balsamic.

Unable to find the right perfume based on the various olfactory families? Choose a perfume that reflects your tastes and opt for a fragrance that showcases your favorite notes! Do you prefer gourmand fragrances? Go for a vanilla scent! Do you prefer more muted perfumes? Choose a fragrance with amber notes!

Opt for a clean scent

When choosing a perfume, there’s more to consider than just its notes. We want stunning perfumes but we also want clean fragrances. When looking for an environmentally friendly fragrance, it’s important to read the label! No more controversial ingredients, dyes or UV filters. For the ultimate in sustainability, opt for recyclable glass bottles and packaging made with paper and cardboard from sustainably managed forests. Best of all? Refillable bottles ensure that you can always have your favorite fragrance to hand. Perfume is always a good idea, but a sustainable scent is even better!

Change your perfume

Is it a good idea to choose several perfumes, rather than just one? Of course! After all, a perfume should reflect our state of mind: it would be a shame to settle for a single scent. Our recommendation? Create a small collection of perfumes, just like an olfactory library: choose a fragrance that reflects how you feel and gives a glimpse of your innermost thoughts and feelings. Are you ready to take the plunge?

A different perfume for every day

Who says you have to wear the same perfume all the time? On the contrary: you can change your fragrance depending on the day and even the time of day! Like a second skin, a fragrance envelops you, letting everyone who crosses your path know exactly who you are. For a long, hard day at the office, choose a hesperidic fragrance to energize and motivate you. Have you got a hot date planned for tonight? Opt for orientals to reveal your enigmatic side and for an instantly seductive boost. A fragrance that’s tailored to your mood and your circumstances reveals (almost) everything about you!

Change your perfume with the seasons

Choosing a perfume for the season is another option when it comes to finding the ideal fragrance. When the weather warms up, light and refreshing citrus notes are the perfect option for relaxing on the beach and sunbathing by the pool. When fall comes, we say goodbye to summer by turning to woody and spicy notes. In winter, the focus is on warming fragrances with sweet and gourmand notes. Spring is the time for fruity and floral notes to celebrate renewal.

How to tell if a perfume suits you

Are you a fan of your colleague’s perfume? Have you been brave enough to stop someone in the street and ask them about their perfume? Be aware that a fragrance reacts differently to different skin types. Have you fallen in love with a particular perfume? Before rushing out to buy it, you need to know if it will suit you. To be sure, we recommend spraying a little perfume on the inside of your wrist. Forget what you might have been told: don’t rub your wrists together! This can damage and distort the fragrance. Still captivated by the scent? Don’t give in to temptation straight away! Let the fragrance develop for a few more hours on your skin before making your decision. If the perfume still appeals to you at the end of the day, then it’s definitely right for you!

Choosing a perfume isn’t always easy. Make the right choice by opting for a fragrance that reflects who you are and reveals your innermost thoughts. Our best advice? Let your personality, your tastes and your age guide you in your choice. If you're still unsure, reach out to our specialists and get your recommendations.

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