How to choose your perfume

We've all loved a perfume on paper, but much less on our skin... It's completely normal! Here is why.

The choice of a perfume is generally very personal. Our perfume guide is here to help you! For example, you can choose a perfume to wear every day, to take on vacation or for a special evening. As far as taste is concerned, there are no rules and everything is allowed! However, we explain how to understand a perfume to avoid disappointment when choosing your perfume!


A perfume has an architecture in 3 parts. First of all, the top notes are the ones that you smell as soon as the perfume is sprayed. They are the first fragrances, the notes that catch you. Then come the middle notes which appear only at the end of a few minutes. They remain a few hours to make way for the base notes. The bottom notes are the heaviest and make the perfume last for a long time. They can stay all day long, they are the most tenacious of the three notes. It is important to succeed in smelling these three notes before making the choice of the perfume, not to be mistaken. This is why it is advised initially to smell it on a touch of paper. Do you like the perfume? Try it on the inside of your wrist. If the charm works, resist the temptation to buy it immediately and let it evolve for a few hours to smell all the aspects of the perfume. As the hours go by, the perfume reveals its heart notes, which you can smell up to 4 hours after spraying, and the base notes, which sometimes persist for several days.

And yes, we only know the real smell of a perfume after a few hours, when all the notes have been revealed... And it doesn't smell the same on different skins! And even less on a touch of paper.

We've all loved a perfume on paper, but much less on our skin. It's completely normal! Fragrance is actually adaptive, so it doesn't look the same from one skin to another. We all have different skin types and therefore different acidity. The acidity is determined with this famous pH. Indeed, the skins with a dry tendency are more acidic than the average, i.e. their pH will be between 0 and 6. Other factors such as diet, hormonal cycles or climate can also alter the texture of your skin. The colder it is, the drier the skin may appear. A perfume spray on moisturized skin is always better!

You have understood it, it is good to choose your perfume according to your skin.

Our advice :

So for an optimal adherence, it is advised to hydrate your skin before putting your perfume on. On a rather oily skin, the perfume will tend to hold longer. Certain ingredients will also react better than others according to the acidity of your skin. For example, citrus-based fragrances should be avoided on dry skin, they tend to become pungent and bitter.

On the contrary, if you have oily skin, we recommend fragrances with a musky, amber or resinous base. In contact with your skin, the perfume will become even more unctuous! That said, there is no rule, test, and see what suits you best, according to your tastes and your reaction to different perfumes.

In short, just pick and choose from the types of fragrance made for you and your skin! Because a perfume is also a spontaneous desire, we advise you to change your perfume regularly in order to always fit your mood. 


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