How to choose your perfume

We all love a scent on paper, but it doesn't quite smell the same when you put it on our skin...

We all have different skin types, and therefore, different acidity. The acidity is determined with this famous pH. Indeed, the skins with a dry tendency are more acidic than the average, that is to say that their pH will be between 0 and 6.
Other factors like diet, hormonal cycles and the weather can affect the texture of your skin.

Depending on the country and the climate, you will not smell your perfume in the same way. Simply put, the colder it is, the harder it will be to smell your fragrance. Age should also be taken into account, older skin will generally dehydrate more quickly, and the scent will therefore last less.

In short, you just have to find the perfume made for you and your skin!

Our advices :
You will understand, you have to choose your perfume according to your skin.
If you have dry skin, you will not offer the same scents as if you have basic (oily) skin. Basically, the drier your skin, the more acidic it is, and the more oily, the more basic it is. With dry skin, the scent will have a harder time sticking to the skin. So for optimal hold, it is advisable to hydrate your skin before putting on your perfume. On rather oily skin, the fragrance will tend to last longer. Some ingredients will also react better than others depending on the acidity of your skin. For example, citrus-based fragrances should be avoided for dry skin, they tend to become pungent and bitter on dry skin.
On the contrary, if you have more oily skin, we recommend scents with a musky, amber, resinous base. In contact with your skin, the fragrance will become even smoother!


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