Creating a custom perfume

Who’s never dreamt of making a perfume that’s entirely bespoke?  How can you make an eau de toilette that reflects who you are at a given time? You don’t wear the same perfume to work as you do to meet friends at a bar in the evening. The season can also play a role, as can your mood. Making a custom perfume is now possible with Mix & Match sets and perfume-making workshops. Enjoy the pleasure of wearing a unique perfume that you created to reflect your personality. And why not change it to reflect your day or your mood?

What do Bon Parfumeur’s perfume-making workshops involve?

The perfume-making workshop is an opportunity to create a scent for a perfume that reflects who you are and evolves with you. You’ll find gift sets with several fragrances that you can mix however you want or you can ask in store for advice on how to choose the right scents.

Specialist companies extract and distill wood and flowers, often working closely with perfume houses. This creates stunning raw materials that can then be used by our perfumers. Combine several fragrances to create your own scent!

You can also make your own perfume thanks to Bon Parfumeur’s Mix & Match. Our bottles are numbered to help you develop olfactory combinations that stimulate, soothe or reassure, thereby creating your own collection of perfumes to reflect your mood.

How to get started with Mix & Match sets?

It’s not difficult to mix and match perfume: just choose a perfume duo by Bon Parfumeur. Using a duo of fragrances, you can create a wide range of perfumes: it’s easy to change the quantities for different results. In store, you can also take advantage of our experienced staff’s advice: they will be happy to guide you towards perfumes that go together, depending on what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve chosen the perfumes you like, all you have to do is mix them. By changing the amounts of the different scents, you can create lighter or more woody perfumes. This mix & match technique makes it possible to create a number of different perfumes with just two fragrances. 

By using the Mix & Match sets, you can be sure that you’ll create well-balanced scents. The fragrances blend together very easily, no matter how much you use to make your custom creations. And because our fragrances are unisex, they can also be used by your other half and your sister at the same time. Bon Parfumeur’s perfumes are clean and made in France!  Their scents are high quality and are gentle on your skin.

All you have to do is create a perfume that reflects who you are and adapt it to your changing mood. Give it a try and find out how to make an eau de toilette and an eau de cologne. Read our other articles to learn about techniques for manufacturing perfume, perfume concentration, find out more about perfume extracts, eaux de senteur and how to make your own perfume.



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