Iconic perfumers: find out all their secrets

Perfumers are as fascinating as they are mysterious. From designer perfumes to more personal fragrances, it’s their genius that drives the perfume world. Find out who they are and how they find the inspiration to create unique scents.

The perfumer: unique expertise

Iconic French perfumers all have one thing in common: solid technical knowledge and infinite intuition and creativity. Over the years, they acquire experience and perfect their skills, learning to blend notes to create exceptional fragrances.

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Meet the Bon Parfumeur team

We work with the very best to create a unique collection of unisex perfumes. Come and meet our team of perfumers.

Alexandra Monet, the determined one

Her favorite notes for creating perfumes? Musk, leather and patchouli. She enjoys the freedom and technical wizardry of the creative process at Bon Parfumeur as she recreates scents. She creates reassuring, sensual and sultry fragrances for us, just like the 101 rose perfume.

Philippe Romano: the predestined one

In his view, a good perfumer must combine “curiosity, intuition and perseverance”. He likes to play with smoky, woody and mellow raw materials and adds an “excessive, but infinitely creative 70s feel” to his fragrances. The bright 201: green apple, lily-of-the-valley and quince perfume and the delicious 501: praline, licorice and patchouli are just some of the playful and sweet fragrances he’s created especially for us.

Corinne Cachen, the fan of the great outdoors

When it comes to creating vibrant fragrances, the natural world is her muse. She loves using fiery spices, energetic citrus fruit and comforting balmy notes to create unique juices. She has created various iconic fragrances for us, including 203: raspberry, vanilla and blackberry and the 402 perfume: vanilla, toffee and sandalwood.

Carla Chabert, the original one

Her passion? Creating traditional scents with a twist! She likes to add a touch of originality to all her scents so that they reflect her bubbly personality. When she created the 003 cologne perfume, Carla took the decision to add citrus fruit and the scent of a summer evening to create the ultimate eau de cologne!

Sidonie Lancesseur, the minimalist one

Her philosophy? Developing formulas with few ingredients to create intense perfumes. While the fragrances she creates boast a natural and authentic scent, their bold yet elegant compositions evoke powerful emotions. Her perfumes, including 302: amber, iris and sandalwood are all about modernity and creative freedom.

Serge de Oliveira, the generous one

When he creates a fragrance, he can’t help adding his unique “touch”: totally irresistible. His mysterious, bold and original fragrances, such as the privé perfume 903: nepal berry, saffron and oud, all have unique and addictive scents. He believes that a good perfumer knows how to produce an original signature with every creation.

Jacques Chabert, the expert perfumer

This renowned perfumer has worked for some of the greatest fragrance houses, from Chanel to Guerlain. He created the 802 perfume: peony, lotus and bamboo for Bon Parfumeur: a floral scent that reminds him of picking flowers during his childhood. A balanced, original and unisex perfume that showcases his extensive experience.

Mylène Alran, the artistic one

Her favorite raw materials? Woody notes, lichen, moss and vetiver. She feels that these notes add elegance and character to a fragrance. She is mainly inspired by nature but is also inspired by all forms of art, from poetry to floral design. She really enjoys her work: it requires patience, along with an in-depth knowledge of the classics.

Nathalie Koobus, the disruptive one

Style and disruptive are the watch words for her perfumes. She likes to use woody and amber notes in her creative compositions. The scent she can’t live without? Sandalwood! In her view, a perfumer must “be curious about everything and constantly learning”. She’s created the 602 perfume: pepper, cedar and patchouli for us: a spicy fragrance we love!

Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, the spontaneous one

She’s created fragrances for us that feature comforting notes and evoke precious memories. Our favorites? The cologne 001: orange blossom, petitgrain and bergamot is reminiscent of the smell of a newborn’s skin and the floral perfume 103: tiare flower, jasmine and hibiscus evokes a beautiful beach. This creative woman loves touches of jasmine, rose, orange blossom and mimosa. To create a fragrance, it’s vital to “tap into your inner child, your spontaneity and your creativity”.

Benoit Lapouza, the bold one

He likes to use natural ingredients for a fresh, sensual result. He says that the art of creating a perfume lies in finding an original yet wearable fragrance. He’s treated us to the precious gift of the aromatic 701 perfume: eucalyptus, coriander and cypress a fragrance with bold touches of eucalyptus and hemp.

Iconic perfumers? They’re real artists who blend different notes to create new fragrances. To find out more about this unique world, we can tell you everything you need to know about fragrance houses, exhibitions and museums, influences and influencers and how to become a perfumer. Want to go even further? We also explain the other types of fragrances, organic perfumes and how to store them.



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