Creating your own perfume: a misguided idea?

If you can’t imagine leaving the house without a few spritzes of your favorite scent, making your own perfume can be tempting. Rather than reinventing yourself as a chemist’s apprentice and creating scents that won’t necessarily meet with unanimous approval, trust the perfumery professionals who use their incredible skills to make perfumes that are truly exceptional.

The perfumer: unique expertise

It takes 10 years to become a perfumer. In addition to the technical knowledge which is acquired during their cosmetology studies, perfumers are real magicians. Over the years, the perfumer learns to identify and memorize more than 1,500 raw materials used to create perfumes. Like a conductor, he or she combines notes to create unique and addictive scents.
Every perfumer has his or her own favorite fragrances and showcases his or her talent when developing a new fragrance.

In the mood for a home-made perfume to create your own olfactory signature? Mix and match is made for you! Combine our eaux de parfum to create truly unique scents.
Not sure where to start? Treat yourself to our mix and match sets. Our favorite scents? Escapade which evokes a Mediterranean road trip and City Dandy for a weekend in Paris spent under the covers in charming company.

Bon Parfumeur: meet our team of perfumers

We’ve chosen to work only with the very best. Our team is made up of eleven specialist perfumers who come from very eclectic backgrounds and have created a multiplicity of fragrances, each one more stunning than the next. Bursting with personality, our perfumers always add a personal touch to the fragrances they create.

Because we believe in their experience in perfumery and their innate talent, we gave them carte blanche to create a unique collection of unisex fragrances.

Making your own eau de toilette, eau de cologne or custom perfume... It’s a lot more complicated than it seems! If you want to become an expert perfumer, start by finding out more about techniques for making perfumes and by learning more about perfume extracts, their concentration and eaux de senteur. If you’d like to join our team one day, it’s up to you!



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