Perfume extract

Making perfume is an art and requires specific techniques. Not all perfumes are created equal. Unlike perfume extracts, an eau de parfum is all about balance. And at Bon Parfumeur, we believe in the importance of the right perfume concentration.  Why? To create a unique scent that reflects who you are without being over the top.

A bit of history

 Although Bon Parfumeur only creates eaux de parfum, there are many other kinds of scent that are specific to the olfactory world. Take perfume extracts, for example. Dating back to the last century, they’re the oldest and most concentrated kind of fragrance. Often heavy and very intense, they were later abandoned in favor of eau de cologne with its lighter scent. The only problem is that the latter doesn’t last long. This led to the creation of eau de parfum. Less concentrated than perfume extract, it has just the right balance. It’s ideal for everyday use and lets your personality shine through, without ever being overwhelming. A good idea, particularly if you work in an open-plan office. And that’s why Bon Parfumeur has made the choice to focus on creating the best and most balanced fragrances with eaux de parfum. As for eaux de senteurs, they don’t contain any alcohol and are for very young children.

Eau de parfum, the perfect concentration

There are real differences between a perfume extract, an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum. It’s all about their concentration. Indeed, a perfume’s concentration is what makes it possible to customize your own scent. At Bon Parfumeur, you can create your own fragrance. Just combine two fragrances to create your signature scent.

A perfume that’s 100% you

You can’t customize your scent with perfume extract. Its concentration is so high that just a single drop needs to be applied to your skin. Any more and you risk overwhelming those around you. If you dream of the freedom to create your own signature scent, what you need is an eau de parfum. Long-lasting but not persistent, intense but not heavy, an eau de parfum can be used to express who you are, to mix and match and to create your own scent.

Are you a bit confused by all these perfumery terms? That’s not surprising! Just remember one thing: do you dream of finding a perfume that’s like a second skin? Do you want to be able to wear the perfect amount so that it lasts without ever being too much? An eau de parfum is just what you need.



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