Addicted to candles?

Are you the type of person who can’t resist lighting a warm, sparkling candle to create a comfy cozy feeling (and above all, an incredible smell) in your home? The only problem is not knowing which one to choose! Bon Parfumeur has created a box with 3 candles to let your mood choose for you. Follow us on an olfactory tour: 

Candle 01, a bouquet of herbs. Basil, fig leaves, and mint will take you to the Mediterranean! The 01 brings a splash of freshness. Green and aromatic, it is ideal for eliminating odors after cooking!

Candle 02, an opulent honey.. mmh. Your friends or your crush are coming over for an aperitif?! Help! Coriander seed combined with notes of honey and sensual tobacco leaves are your best allies to create a smooth and subdued universe. This candle is both hot and wild! 

Candle 03, an addictive tonka. In need of something ultra-comforting? This candle with vanilla and leathery notes reveals a bewitching sweetness.

News alert!! Candle 04, a smoked black tea. Can't wait to find yourself by the fireside under a blanket? Smoked black tea, mugwort and birchwood combine for a winning trio with warm and bewitching accents.


You can also mix and match candles with each other! The 02 and 03 make a very good combo, creating a warm atmosphere with animal accents and enveloping tobacco notes.

Another idea, the 01 candle goes very well with the new 04. A mixture of freshness and sweetness: black tea goes wonderfully with basil leaves!

Good to know…

The candles are 100% made in France! They have a lifespan of 18 hours (for the small size) and 50 hours (for the large one, 180g) but you can reuse the glass containers as vases or pencil holders to give them a second life. As for the composition, they are made from 50% mineral wax and 50% vegetable rapeseed wax.




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