3 stories from the BP team

Did you know that the Bon Parfumeur team is 90% female? We want to share with you the stories of Inès, Jinjiibadam and Claire. Follow us to meet some of the team!


- Inès - 

Fashion is a huge inspiration for Inès, especially styles from the 60s and 70s. The 60s triggered the liberation of women and their clothing: they freed themselves from fashion that was cramped and restrictive. Inès is super good at finding vintage fashion gems.

Her hidden talent: modeling that promotes the beauty of the real woman and the real body.

Multi-talented, Inès is part of the creative team and is integral in helping shape our vision! Each day is an adventure for her and that's what she loves. One day she’s headed on a trip to the south of France to meet perfumers and our factories, and the next, you’ll find her shooting products in a studio in the heart of Paris.

“I see feminism as an intellectual path to follow, not as a predicate or an adjective that you can or can’t affix to someone.”

In short, Inès inspires us every day!


- Jinjiibadam -

Paris has been Jinjiibadam's new home for 5 years, but she remains very attached to her home country, Mongolia. Jinjiibadam is inspired by art and fashion. She has had the chance to admire works of art and pieces of some extraordinary designers.

Jinjiibadam is part of the creative team here at Bon Parfumeur, working alongside Pauline and Inès. Each day is creative, fun, and very different! Jinjiibadam works on animation projects (she’s very talented with 3D), photoshoots, and escapades across France in search of the best creative stories.

In Mongolia, March 8th is dedicated to celebrating the love between women: sisters gift each other flowers and chocolates, and they also give small gifts to their mothers, grandmothers, friends, and teachers.


- Claire -

Claire is a globetrotter! After living in Canada for several years, she left (on her own) to become a singer in Japan. She fell in love with the country immediately! She tells us that she had a big “cultural slap” while discovering music, graphic novels… and as a bonus, she met her husband in Korea.

At Bon Parfumeur, Claire travels regularly to more than 35 countries (admittedly, today she’s behind her computer a lot more). Claire works closely with our various partners around the world. It’s thanks to her that our perfumes are found in small towns in the heart of the United States, in Japan of course, and also in some of the most beautiful boutiques in the world.

Claire’s ideal day involves gaming and cuddling with her cats. Recently, she took on a crazy challenge: build the Hogwarts castle in LEGO with more than 6000 pieces. She succeeded in just one week! This information will surely not change your life, but we thought it was pretty incredible!




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