Black tea, mugwort, birch, what's up?

The brand new 04 candle with the smell of smoked black tea is live! Follow us to learn more about its 3 captivating ingredients!

What does the black tea note smell like in perfumery? 

Have you ever heard of Lapsang Souchong? This black tea has intense, astonishingly smoky, floral and woody notes. After harvest, the tea is smoked on a pine wood fire to give it a very distinctive woody and smoky flavor. Invented in Fujian province in south-east China, Lapsang Souchong probably dates from the 18th century. Its name means “little leaves from the original mountain”. It is said that the tea growers – thinking the harvest was ruined and having to dry the tea as quickly as possible to avoid losing it completely – had the idea to smoke it with the wood of a local resinous tree.

What does mugwort add?

The scent of mugwort is described as camphoric, fresh, herbaceous and bitter. This small plant, extracted by distillation, belongs to the aromatic family. Its aromatic accents sometimes recall the more herbal facets of cannabis, and make a wonderful pairing with these notes.

How is birch wood used?

Birch tar oil is obtained by slow destructive distillation of the wood. These molecules are very heavy, have a powerful scent and stabilize the other ingredients. Birch wood adds depth and warm, sweet and leathery facets. It is very useful for creating natural leather notes.



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