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Blackcurrant is a plant native to Europe known for its sweet, juicy fruit. However, the plant has also gained popularity in the perfume industry for its unique, complex fragrance. Blackcurrant notes can be used to create fruity, floral or even woody fragrances.



What does the word blackcurrant mean?


Blackcurrant, or Ribes Nigrum in Latin, belongs to the Grossulariaceae family.
The term "blackcurrant" is a compound word derived from the combination of two components: "black" and "currant." The word "currant" has its roots in the Old French word "raisins de Corinthe," which means "grapes of Corinth." It originally referred to a type of small, seedless grape that was produced in the region of Corinth in ancient Greece. Over time, the term "raisins de Corinthe" was shortened to "raisins" in French and later adapted into English as "currants."
When the blackcurrant fruit became more popular and cultivated in Europe, it was given the name "blackcurrant" due to its color and similarity to other currant fruits. The name has been used since the 16th century and remains the common name for this delicious and flavorful fruit.


In the beginning...


Blackcurrants have a long history in European culture, dating back to Roman times when their berries were used for their medicinal properties. In the Middle Ages, blackcurrants were cultivated in monastery gardens for their therapeutic and culinary virtues. By the 16th century, blackcurrants had become a common fruit in the gardens of France, where they were often used to make wine. It was only later, in the 20th century, that blackcurrants began to be used in the perfume industry. Perfumers discovered the plant's unique notes and began incorporating them into their creations. Today, blackcurrant is one of the perfume industry's most popular ingredients, used in men's and women's fragrances of all kinds. Its popularity and use continues to grow, making blackcurrant an important part of perfume history.




Blackcurrant cultivation


Growing blackcurrants is a widespread agricultural practice in many parts of the world, mainly in Europe and North America. The blackcurrant is a fruit-bearing shrub in the Grossulariaceae family, prized for its berries rich in vitamins, antioxidants and distinctive flavors.

Blackcurrants require well-drained soils rich in organic matter and slightly acidic. Blackcurrant plants are generally grown from cuttings or purchased seedlings, and require special attention during their first year of growth. Shrubs reach maturity after 2-3 years and produce abundant berries during the summer season.

Blackcurrants are harvested by hand when fully ripe. The berries are then used in a variety of products, such as jams, syrups, liqueurs and pastries. Blackcurrants are also prized for their use in the production of wines and spirits. As well as being an economically viable crop, blackcurrants offer environmental benefits. The bushes are resistant to disease and pests, reducing the need for chemicals. In addition, blackcurrant flowers are beneficial to pollinating insects, contributing to the biodiversity of agricultural ecosystems.


The different blackcurrant accords


Blackcurrant perfume, like many other ingredients, is generally composed from accords rather than pure blackcurrant extracts. Accords are mixtures of ingredients and raw materials used in perfumery to recreate specific scents. There are many reasons why blackcurrant scents are created through accords. Firstly, because of the availability of the raw material. Secondly, accords are often used to create complex, balanced fragrances. By using different ingredients and raw materials, perfumers can add additional nuances and shades to the scent of blackcurrant, creating a more interesting and captivating fragrance. The accords can be formulated to guarantee optimal stability and longevity of the blackcurrant fragrance, ensuring a consistent olfactory experience for the consumer.




What do you know about blackcurrants in perfumery?


The processing and transformation of blackcurrant accords in perfumery involves several essential steps. First, the accord is formulated by blending ingredients to create the desired aroma. Next, the perfumer evaluates and adjusts the accord to ensure that it meets his or her expectations. Once finalized, the blackcurrant accord is incorporated into the perfume composition, then the blend is left to mature and macerate to balance the notes. After maturation, the perfume is filtered to remove impurities, and stabilizers may be added to ensure stability. Perfumers must be attentive at every stage, from cultivation to transformation into extract, to preserve the subtle, delicate aromatic nuances of the blackcurrant. This attention to detail results in high-quality, intense and sophisticated fragrances.

The blackcurrant accord is usually created using specific ingredients such as synthetic blackcurrants, which reproduce the distinctive scent of blackcurrants synthetically. These compounds offer the fruity, green and sweet notes that characterize blackcurrant aroma. These ingredients are used to capture the characteristic essence of blackcurrants and bring a lively, fruity dimension to fragrance compositions.

Blackcurrant is a must-have ingredient in perfumery, not only for its delicious scent, but also for its unique aromatic profile. Perfumers can use this berry to create fruity, fresh and even floral fragrances. Blackcurrant has a distinct fruity note reminiscent of fresh berries, but it is also associated with more complex nuances such as blackcurrant bud, which can give a green, herbaceous impression.



The benefits and virtues of blackcurrants in perfumery are numerous. In addition to its fruity, sparkling aroma, blackcurrant is also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in vitamins C and E, which help nourish the skin and maintain its elasticity. Because of these benefits, blackcurrant is often used in skin care products such as moisturizers and body lotions. The use of blackcurrant in perfumery is not limited to the creation of fragrances. Blackcurrant's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it a popular ingredient in skin care and wellness products.




Popular blackcurrant perfumes…


Blackcurrant is a popular ingredient in the perfume industry, used to create sweet, fruity fragrances. Here is a selection of the best blackcurrant fragrances:

• In Love Again by Yves Saint Laurent is an enchanting fragrance that evokes passion and joie de vivre. Fruity notes of grape, grapefruit and mandarin intertwine with delicate floral accords, creating a vibrant, seductive fragrance. These ingredients smell like love and sensuality, offering an exhilarating and irresistible olfactory experience. 

• Amor Amor
by Cacharel is a passionate fragrance that captures the essence of love and seduction. Fruity notes of blackcurrant, mandarin and grapefruit mingle with exotic floral accords, creating an intoxicating, captivating fragrance. This eau de toilette embodies an ardent passion, offering an irresistible and sensual olfactory experience.

• Pulp by Byredo is a bold, exuberant fragrance that celebrates the richness of fruit. Juicy notes of tropical fruit and citrus blend to create a vibrant, gourmand perfume that evokes an explosion of flavors. Pulp envelops your senses in a captivating, deliciously fruity olfactory experience. 

• Si White by Giorgio Armani is a captivating fragrance for women. It opens with the delightful sweetness of blackcurrant syrup, creating an alluring and fruity top note. The heart of the fragrance features a beautiful blend of rose and freesia, adding a touch of floral elegance. As the scent settles, the base notes of vanilla, ambroxan, patchouli, and woodsy notes come into play, providing a warm and sophisticated finish. Si White is a modern and enchanting fragrance that leaves a lasting impression.


These blackcurrant bud fragrances

• Amazone by Hermès is a bewitchingly feminine fragrance that embodies freedom and adventure. Lively citrus notes mingle with floral and woody accords, creating an energetic, elegant fragrance that evokes the intrepid spirit of modern women. Amazone is an iconic fragrance that transports the senses on an olfactory journey of femininity and sophistication.

• First
by Van Cleef & Arpels is a timelessly elegant fragrance that embodies refinement and sophistication. Delicate floral notes of jasmine, rose and orange blossom blend harmoniously with woody and amber accords, creating a classic, captivating fragrance. First is an iconic fragrance that leaves a memorable mark, evoking timeless elegance and distinguished charm.


• Mad Madame by Juliette Has a Gun is a bold, bewitching fragrance that embodies the duality of femininity and rebellion. Green and spicy notes mingle with rose and leather accords, creating a provocative, captivating fragrance that defies convention. Mad Madame leaves a strong, unforgettable impression, revealing the rebellious, seductive spirit of its wearer.




Blackcurrant X Bon Parfumeur


Responsible, unisex French brand Bon Parfumeur offers several eaux de parfum in which blackcurrant is used as a top or heart note.

• Eau de parfum 201 combines blackcurrant leaf with notes of green apple, lily of the valley and quince.

Eau de parfum 802 combines blackcurrant with notes of peony and bamboo.



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Bon Parfumeur Enter the perfumer's workshop and dive into the heart of creation. Find perfumes made in France, unisex and clean. A refined perfumery using quality raw materials, up to 99% of ingredients of natural origin.  Free delivery and returns. Satisfied or refunded.

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