Mode Estime x Bon Parfumeur, a beautiful encounter

We wanted to co-create a pretty tote bag - practical, 100% made in France, (spotted @ île Saint Denis), and above all made from the heart! We have been supporters of Mode Estime for several years and it was therefore natural that we thought of them to make this bag.

But who is Mode Estime? They’re an association that helps people who find themselves in precarious situations, as well as people with disabilities. These men and women are trained on site in the making of textiles. The idea is to provide people with the skills and competency to eventually become autonomous and to leave the association for employment. And it's right next door, in Saint Denis!

We met with Mathilde and Misbahou who helped us find the right color, the right fabric, the right size of the bag and the handles, and the right placement of the logo to make it perfect! Following their advice, we have chosen a resistant black cotton canvas for our totes - indestructible!

Around thirty people work in this association and it was such a pleasure to meet them. To see the sewing machines, the rolls of fabric, and the kindness and good vibes that permeate through the workspace! We took our camera along to capture the process of making our little bags. Obviously, we didn't want to miss a thing, and we loved every minute of it ...

Hold on, we haven't told you about the label yet! (The one that usually scratches under your sweater). You wouldn’t believe it, but we thought about this sacred little label for a long time… In all, 14 people put their hearts to work and their hands to the machines: Mina, Yaya, Naïma, Limin, Mohamed, Latifa , Yayaouiha, Ramandeep, Jusna, Alondra, Mahbouba, Ouiza, Adelina, Souaad. We wanted to honor their work and so decided to put their names on our labels. Mathilde told us that they were all very proud, but it is really us who are so humbled to have been part of such an enriching collaboration.

As you can imagine, the team left with stars in their eyes. Bon Parfumeur provides financial support for this association every year, but this is the first time that we have carried out a project hand in hand! And it certainly won’t be the last. If you’d like to know more about Mode Estime, visit their website for more details on their partnerships and their various missions.

Would you like to support Mode Estime’s mission too? You can make a direct donation to the association on our website and rest-assured that the full amount will go to them. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Christmas, where thinking of others is at the heart of the season!



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