Who is Sohrab?

Have you ever heard of Sohrab Chitan? Sohrab is part of the Bon Parfumeur community and fully supports all of our craziest ideas. To help you get to know this raw talent better, we’re here to share his story.

 Dancer and choreographer, Sohrab is a true enthusiast who gives his body and soul to his art. What drives him ? Non-stop dancing is where he finds happiness and accesses emotions ranging from passion, to heartbreak, to fear. In a few words - it’s where he feels alive.

Dance and choreography are one for Sohrab. In the studio, he likes to sweat as much as his dancers whom he passionately guides. He also loves stepping back to become one of their most fervent spectators. There’s a Maurice Béjart quote that resonates most deeply with Sohrab: “Choreography is like love: it's done in pairs”.

Despite being trained in classical dance, he refuses to let himself be confined to a box. Neither classical dancer nor contemporary... but an artist with immense talent, eager to pass on his art to as many people as possible!

Some words from Sohrab:

  •     We are very attached to transmitting ‘savoir-faire’, to showing the authenticity of our perfumes. Dance is also about transmitting, isn't it?

Dance is an apprenticeship that lasts a lifetime. It is about transmitting to other dancers and learning from these artists who work in the service of dance. It is beautiful to see this constant transmission in one direction or the other.


  •     Perfume is something very personal and emotional, what do you feel when you wear it?

I finish dressing when I put on perfume. At this moment, when I finish my morning ritual, it sets the tone for my day. Perfume gives us a feeling of groundedness and existence, like dancing, which is to be grounded by definition. To dance is to rise, but you must already be anchored to the ground.


  •     The body, the skin, and the heat that emanates from it bring fragrances to life. What link would you make between the art of wearing perfume and that of dancing?

To wear perfume is to take on a scent, but scents are also very identifying. When I dance, there are a multitude of scents that surround me, the smell of your partners, of rosin, of the stage. Sweat also has an odor. All mixed together with the perfumes that individuals wear, this unique and ultra-personal blend marks time and space. The link between these two art forms is perspiration, water.


  •     You are in high demand, if we want to come and see you dance, where do we go?

We danced at Villa Noailles. It was a performance for the 36th Edition of the fashion festival. For April 7, I'm working on the piece "End of the day". We will dance in Saint Germain en Laye. And this summer, meet me in Bordeaux Métropole for the performance of “Deter”.

Sohrab vibrates and reasons with passion. A bit like our creative perfumers who write twisted and unique fragrances for us, he invents choreographies that tell us a new story each time...

Have a look to his website, and instagram account



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