Nothing is wasted, everything is transformed !

We are very attached to the ‘Made in France’ label and have been since the beginning. A short supply circuit that’s exclusively French! It's pretty cool for the planet because we limit our carbon footprint. But we need your help to go even further. What do you usually do with the packaging when you’ve finished your perfume? Here’s a mini recap on how to recycle your perfume! Follow our lead ! (it's very simple)


  •     The bottle: add to your basket of empty wine bottles, take all to the glass sorting bin.
  •     The cardboard box and the cover: go directly into the “packaging and paper” sorting bin.


Not so fast! What about the hand creams, soaps, candles...

Our soaps are packaged in FSC cardboard boxes and they are not cellophane-wrapped. We try to avoid the use of plastic as much as possible. Hand creams: all components are completely natural - from the ingredients to the packaging! We opted for a vegetable plastic tube made from sugar cane. The tube and cardboard all go in the "packaging and paper" bin (yellow most of the time).

Does it break your heart to throw away your beautiful Bon Parfumeur candle? We get it … don’t throw it away! Once finished, pour hot water to the top, wait for the wax to melt and rise in the form of small balls. Once cooled, the wax forms a block at the top of the glass. Remove, and enjoy your beautiful new pencil holder! 

Now you know all the tricks to give your products a second life!




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