4 home fragrances... which one is yours?

Every home has a very particular scent. We all remember the specific laundry smell at our best friend's house when we were growing up, or the more “caustic” one from Grandma's living room. But what is yours? Here’s a little guide to help you choose the perfect perfume for your place, or for someone else’s (it’s a great gift idea, pleasure guaranteed!)


Sparkling, energetic, and vivacious!

You are a ray of sunshine, always coming with a positive attitude. 01 brings an unexpected freshness, just like you… basil, mint, fig leaves, nothing better to start a beautiful day. Refreshing!


Sweet as the day

Comforting, cocooning, a cozy little nest, that's how it is with you! It is often said that the interior of a house is the reflection of one’s personality... You will find this sweetness in the 02 fragrance. Honey, coriander seeds, and tobacco leaves - the perfect combo, creating a uniquely enveloping fragrance!


A touch of madness ! 

People never get bored with you around! The leather note of perfume 03 reveals its strong personality, then surprises with touches of patchouli and tonka bean.


Calm and serenity, zeeen

Netflix and chill are your watchwords… What could be better than a relaxing weekend at the ‘casa’? You're on the sofa wrapped in a plaid with a fragrant hot tea! The smoky smell of black tea, mugwort and birchwood soothes us and helps us to forget about all the little hassles of everyday life.

01, 02, 03, 04 - 4 home fragrances… which one is yours? Tell us ! (write to contact@bonparpeur.com)




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