The diffusers are here!

Today is a big day ! Alongside your scented candles, make room for your new diffusers!

Over the past few months, (years)... we have been spending more and more time at home. So we thought, why not bring a little sweetness into your home, and allow you to travel with your senses. Our bewitching scented candles were born and now come their little brothers - the diffusers. Available in 4 fragrances, just like our candles.


Take the first train with us to explore:

The Mediterranean sunshine or a road trip through Japan?

-The 01, a bouquet of mint and basil. Heading south to the Mediterranean where the scents of herbs tickle your taste buds! Ahhh that freshness!

-The 04, a smoked black tea. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a ceramic workshop in Japan, the smoke of the raku bewitches you… Leather nuances, woody and warm facets await you!


A getaway in the heart of a souk or a cozy stay in a country house? You choose !

-The 02, let yourself be tempted to taste honey sweets down a fragrant market alley.

-The 03, mid-winter by the fireside, the crackling fire, lost in the middle of the countryside… can you picture it? How about the woody, leathery facets with vanilla accents, do you smell them?

4 fragrances, 4 very different olfactory universes! Which is yours? Find them on our website, or in our shop at 11, rue des Francs-Bourgeois in Paris.




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