A little tour of France with our diffusers

From Grignan, to Chartres via Paris, follow us to see how our diffusers are made...

It all started in Paris, in the 17th arrondissement at Karine Dubreuil's studio a few years ago... Our 01, 02, and 03 candles were born! 3 unique perfume formulas that are now also available as diffusers. Moreover, the 03 gave us a hard time. Half of the concentrate: it's natural patchouli. There is no secret, that's why it smells so good! But its price has exploded since the release of our 03 candle!  No choice, we have to keep the same smell...And this year, exciting news, the 04 candle with notes of smoked black tea from Pierre Aulas has been added to our collection.


Let's head to Grignan, to the atelier where our boxes are printed! Here, in Drôme Provençale, we meet with Benoît and his team. A little tour of the workshop is essential. Benoît shows us how the inks are mixed to obtain the perfect color (chosen by the Bon Parfumeur team in Paris). It’s important that the colors signifying the different olfactory families remain identical between each production of candles, diffusers, and perfumes... So we make sure to run a quality test before printing thousands of sheets! Each cardboard sheet passes through 3 machines, one per color -  we have 3 colors on our boxes. Then, they go through a press for "embossing", which highlights the logo for example. Once cut and assembled into boxes, they leave for Chartres! 

Next, we meet in Chartres, one hour from Paris. This is where the magic happens! Our empty bottles are transformed into diffusers! We’re hypnotized by the process of hand filling the bottles (and the speed!). Luckily for us, not everything is automated by machines, otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to see anything... The corks are placed just after the bottles are filled, and then very delicate fingers stick the labels on. And voilà, the diffusers are ready to be placed in their boxes and then transported by six to the warehouse. Before leaving, team photo that we will keep secret. Blouse, cap with ears sticking out as a bonus, nobody was really at his advantage. Obligatory stop by the magnificent cathedral and center of Chartres for the team, and return to Paris.




The end result? 4 beautiful new diffusers waiting for you to try. Thank you to all the team who make this happen. Without them, these little beauties wouldn’t exist... 



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