The magic of perfumery 🎃

Trick-or-Treat! How about you treat yourself with your favorite perfume. But careful, we might have tricked you…some of the raw ingredients in your fragrance secretly stink. 

Indole- like a public bathroom

This molecule, that is naturally found in jasmine, narcissus and orange blossom, might remind you of the scent of urine. By adding a small amount of these strange ingredients, it brings an incredible "blooming" to floral fragrances. 

Para-Crésol- Rendez-vous at the farm

Although Para-crésol reminds us of a goat’s odor, it works true wonders in floral perfumes. For example, narcissus, jasmine and tuberose are given an animalic facet, which adds a captivating depth to the creations


Blackcurrant Burgeon- like cat pee

This smelly scent comes from the buds of the blackcurrant tree. It is mainly used to boost fruity and green notes. But watch out, if overdosed, its sulfurous scent turns into the odor of cat pee.


Costus- smells dirty

In high concentrations, this root resembles the smell of greasy hair or a wet dog. After the extraction of certain resins, Costus blends perfectly in vanillic and leathery compositions. It adds character to the creation!


Butyrates- Sweaty Metro rides

This ingredient will remind you of rancid butter or sweat, a greasy and dirty smell, not very appealing! However, butyrates are excellent for formulating fruity facets (strawberry, pineapple, banana). Thereby the creations will gain the smell of ripe fruits.


Perfumery is all about finding the balance, about the savoir-faire and a bit of alchemy. This is the perfumer's magic: knowing how to handle the most difficult raw materials to turn them into incredible creations.



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