Green Gifts under the tree 🎄

What does the ultimate gift look like? Surely something that will delight our loved ones but that also takes care of our planet. That's why we are so committed to making our products as clean as possible. For us, your loved ones and for our planet. 

1/ Up to 99% natural ingredients. 

Since the beginning we have been looking for more beautiful ingredients and more naturalness. This is a real struggle for our perfumers! They have to relearn how to formulate with new ingredients. Because it matters! The Research and Development departments are innovating and it’s thanks to them that we found upcycled rose (as in our new 106). The industry is also developing ingredients that were previously unused in a more ethical and homemade way. Our 702, an incense aromatic, is 97% and we have increased the naturalness of 106 to 99%. Soon it will be at 100%.

2 / Plant-based tubes

Did you know that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea? Shocking? That's why we chose plant-based, plastic-free tubes for all our hand creams. This bioplastic is made from Brazilian sugar cane, which is grown without harming the earth's palms, and no pesticides or GMOs are used. Plus, during the growth period it filters the air. What a bonus for our planet! 

3 /100% made in France

Our perfumes did not travel around the world but around France. With our desire to produce "100% Made in France", we reduce our carbon footprint by using short circuits. French know-how is one of the best in the perfume industry. It would be a shame not to pay tribute to this heritage.

To finish, here is the list of clean gifts we have prepared for you:

- Perfume 106 that smells divinely like a rose from the garden using upcycled rose

- Perfume 702, an aromatic incense, with 97% natural ingredients.

- a hand cream in a sugar cane tube that smells of yuzu (003), rose (101) or marine notes (801)



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