Carla Chabert

For Carla Chabert, perfumery is a personal passion and a family affair! She works alongside her perfumer father at Fragrances Essentielles, the family-run company. Prunol, ambroxan, sandalwood, vetiver and bergamot are just some of her favorite ingredients. Her fondest childhood memories? The fragrance of jasmine on summer evenings, the scent of fig trees and the smell of desserts flavored with orange blossom. In her view, Bon Parfumeur is synonymous with elegance. She defines a good perfumer as someone who can create a unique signature. Although she loves woody amber notes, she admits that she has a particular love of sandalwood.

Carla Chabert has created Eau de Parfum 003, one of our best-sellers and a clever combination of yuzu, violet leaves and vetiver. Resolutely plant-based, the fragrance begins with sparkling and zesty top notes. Musky and almost spicy notes follow. The combination of tangy and woody scents instantly transports us to an orange grove on a summer afternoon. Close your eyes and imagine relaxing by the pool in the blazing sun.


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