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Discover our iconic fragrances, acclaimed by our customers. Cleans and unisex, these eaux de parfum are to be combined, tested and mixed to find your unique trail.

You’ll be captivated by Eau de parfum 602 and its combination of pepper, cedar and patchouli, you’ll be soothed by its gentle power. Embrace Eau de parfum 001 and its sweet orange blossom, petitgrain and bergamot, a scent that’s both sparkling and relaxing. Eau de parfum 801, sea spray, cedar and grapefruit will transport you to the coast: smell the salt as it crystallizes on your skin. This scent inspires thoughts of sunny holidays. Tiaré flower, jasmine and hibiscus reveal luminous and delicious floral notes in Eau de parfum 103. We’re getting itchy feet! Dreaming of something sweet? Sweet peas and white cedar enhance the scent of roses in Eau de parfum 101. Get away from it all for a moment with this fresh rose fragrance: we all need it. Sandalwood, this warm and sensual milky wood, structures the perfume: we love its scent, even after a long day at work. Eucalyptus, coriander and cypress create a fresh, green and invigorating scent in Eau de parfum 701, like a jog in the countryside. You’ve been given a lot of information, it’s true! The easiest option? Try the perfumes for yourself and form your own opinion.


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