Philippe Romano

Philippe Romano learned about perfume from his dad. Born in Grasse to a perfumer father, Philippe has always been surrounded by incredible scents. To perfect his sense of smell and to discover new fragrances, he has travelled widely between Japan, Paris, Brazil and the United States. 

Influenced by the wild creativity of the 70s, his work combines raw materials and sweet scents. The result? Truly original perfumes which create a unique world. He works every day to create perfumes that embody raw sounds and the resonance of an old guitar. He loves gourmand, velvety and woody notes. His favorite scents: vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.

An eternal optimist, Philippe Romano wants to convey emotions through his perfumes. His leitmotiv? Stopping time and evoking memories. Every spritz reveals a singular sensitivity! Perfume is very personal and emotional. It offers endless options, just like a folk guitar. Philippe Romano has dedicated his life to the art of creating perfumes, each of which evokes a unique world.

A true epicurean, Philippe Romano has created Perfume 201 for us, an incredibly fizzy fragrance with accents of green apple, lily of the valley and pear. He’s also behind Perfume 501 a deliciously addictive praline scent with patchouli and licorice!



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