Beautiful plant!

The florals! A big family ! We love their delicacy, their intensity, their sensuality and their elegance. Between rose, mimosa, tiare flower or hyacinths, all these scents (which we know more or less well) make life that little bit more beautiful.

We wanted to share some anecdotes with you about our 4 floral perfumes (the 100s), what inspired the perfumers and why they have such an effect on us!


101 - A fresh and ultra-contemporary rose

This is one of our very first creations! We wanted a beautiful rose, a timeless classic but NOT an olfactive classic! Alexandra Monet gave this rose a twist with notes of sweet pea and cedar...the result: a fresh but profoundly deep rose! To take the rose scent to that next level, we mixed essence with absolute of Damascus rose! Did you know that it takes about 3 to 5 tons of rose petals to make 1kg of essential oil!?


102 - A mimosa green tea

Those little balls of yellow velvet that fill the valleys of the Alpes-Maritimes or bring color to our homes... Nathalie Koobus has always been based in the South of France and was inspired by the valley of Tanneron which is covered with mimosa at the end of winter. It's soft, it's powdery, it's bright...and it's French! The mimosa used by Nathalie in the 102 grew in this valley.


103 - A sunny flower

Karine Dubreuil Sereni, the perfumer who created the 103, is sunny and radiant just like the notes of the tiare flower! It is THE feel good perfume, the one that smells of vacation! For her, "to be Bon Parfumeur means managing to keep your child's soul, your spontaneity and your creativity" = then you've won!


104 - A green hyacinth

Green, very green, and watery…like the smell of garden hyacinth! That's the idea! Did you notice the other vegetal note in the olfactory makeup of 104? No, it's not a mistake! This is indeed not a common scent but it is what makes it so original… Ivy ! Its notes are frank, vegetal, with aromatic accents. It brings to mind the smell of crumpled leaves.

 4 floral fragrances but all very different!




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