Some ideas for mom?

Mother's Day is coming up and you still don't have a gift? Well, we’ve got a little hint for you…we’ve noticed that moms love to purchase our floral perfumes from our website! They make the perfect gift! But how do you choose from the 4 different scents?

Here are some tips to find the perfume that will blend perfectly with her skin and her personality!


101, rose, sweet pea, and white cedar.

She’s an early riser and she doesn’t stop all day! Always ready, hardworking, catering to everyone else’s needs…we want to offer her a perfume that makes her feel good!

For this profile, we imagine a soft and comforting but elegant fragrance with the essence of roses. Notes that are both fresh and floral but also green and spicy.


102, tea, cardamom, mimosa.

Does she have good taste and an abundantly creative spirit? Do you secretly steal decor ideas from her home? The mimosa is a delicate flower, but one that doesn’t go unnoticed. It is quite rare to find this floral note highlighted in perfumes, making it the perfect fragrance for an original, creative personality. 


103, tiare flower, jasmine and hibiscus.

Your dear mother is a ray of sunshine, always smiling and bringing optimism to every situation. For a sunny and joyful mother, the luminous notes of 103 that remind us of summer will be the perfect match.


104, green orange, hyacinth and ivy.

Paris, no thank you! What she loves is (her children of course but…) her garden in the spring when the hyacinths and other small plants start to bloom. For the moms with green fingers, it is without hesitation the 104, with very green, vegetal but floral notes, a spring fragrance for her to wear all year round.


And if you are looking for more info, Hugo ( is always available to help you find that rare gem for your mom.




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