Let’s spice up fall 🍂

Cinnamon bun and Christmas punch. We can't get enough of spices! But have you ever tried a spicy perfume? We love their bewitching power and their talent to enrich fragrances with sensuality and warmth.

What does it smell like?

We've selected 3 fragrances that we love to wear when fall comes around. Our first impression would be that all spices are warm. This is not true! In perfumery, there are 2 types of spices: cold and warm. Cinnamon and saffron are among the hot spices. Cold ones are fresher such as ginger, coriander seeds or even cardamom. 

In the family of 300: I demand cardamom

Cardamom, you like it in your tea, we add it to our perfume! This little seed can change everything! It gives an olfactory kick to the creation, a woody and camphorated touch. Discover the 301, a delicate blend of cardamom, sandalwood and amber. 

In the 900 family : I demand cinnamon

Cinnamon means Christmas. Even if, let's be honest, we can’t wait for Christmas to enjoy a slice of spicy bread... Think about the 902 perfume with its notes of armagnac, blond tobacco and cinnamon that plunges us into this addictive, warm and woody universe.


In the family of 600 : I demand black pepper

The icon of spices! It has fusing head notes and brings spice to the fragrance. We like its "caliente" side, which blends perfectly with the woody notes and cedar facets of 602.

602, 902, 301= three perfumes to gift (or to treat yourself) before the end of the year 2022, to spend winter in style.



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