Falling for fall -Three fragrant families to have in your nose 🍁

What's new for this autumn? A desire for warm, sweet, bewitching and colorful fragrances. This season, we adore spices, woods and vanilla. Alison, who just joined the Bon Parfumeur Communication team, reveals her must-haves for fall. 

1/ The red fire of Amber & Spices 

Sunday 11am. Rainy weather. Brunch at Sentier in Paris to make up for the summer. The smell of fresh coffee and pain au chocolat makes your nostrils tingle and you want a warming fragrance like a good cashmere jumper. We go for a fragrance with creamy sandalwood notes, with amber and enveloping facets like 301 and 302

2/ Green for the woods/ Wooden greenness

The rain has stopped, Jardin du Luxemburg is illuminated by colourful foliage. Everywhere you can sense the odor of rain, the freshness of clean air and wet woods. These are exactly the fall scents that Alison loves and finds in 601 and 602. 

3/ Violet kiss of Sweet vanilla and soft Musks

Golden lights and city nights. Tonight at Oberkampf: Alison admits to having a soft spot for the Rhum arrangés. The fusion of vanilla, spices, liquor notes ... it's no coincidence that she wears the 401 and 402.

Woody, vanilla and musk notes, or rather amber facets? 3 fragrance families to dress you up for fall. 



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