Olfactory tips - How to improve your sense of smell?

Start again on a good basis for next year? Every day, our sense of smell is confronted with hundreds of smells (in transport, the street, the bathroom, the kitchen, a garden...), and sometimes it gets a little tiring… How can we put our noses to rest? And how can we stimulate them? The Bon Parfumeur team comes to the rescue with our professional advice!


1 / Develop an olfactory culture

If you want to develop your nose, you don't need to train to become a perfumer. You can start by acquainting yourself with olfactory culture and understanding scents. Knowing how to differentiate between olfactory families is already great! Orientals, florals, gourmands and woody scents: these are the basics to becoming unbeatable. Train with our perfumes, they are arranged by olfactory family so it’s easy!


2 / Boost your sense of smell

Another little exercise to work your sense of smell: have fun smelling everyday ingredients. Vanilla, lavender, pepper, mint, orange… (all of which you can find in your kitchen). You can also find essential oils in pharmacies. Prepare a scent plan for yourself, organizing one theme per week. The first week, compare a peppermint and a spearmint for example. Sniff them successively with your eyes closed, then try to guess which smell corresponds to each material. Find a word that can describe the differences between these two ingredients. For example, with mint, the spearmint is more chewing gum, and the peppermint is more spicy. Associating a scent with a memory or a place can also make it easier to remember its subtleties. Does spearmint remind you of your vacation in Morocco when you were 15? This method will help to impress the scent more easily in your mind and it will become recognizable among a thousand. Beyond remembering a sweet memory, it makes your nose super sharp!

3 / Curiosity!

Always keep a small notebook with you (or your phone works too) to jot down your impressions when you smell something. If you’re walking through a garden and fall in love with the scent of a rose, or you’re strolling through a store and discover the intense smell of a summer fruit - make a note! At a later stage (when your nose has rested), read these notes again and go back to smell the item later if you have the chance. This is another way to develop your nose, your memory, and your creativity.

Help! I don't smell anything anymore!

In general, to “reboot” your nose and make it more sensitive to odors (after having done the perfume department marathon in a store, for example), all you have to do is sniff a small part of your skin (unscented, obviously). Forearm, crook of the elbow ... your nose will be confronted with a smell that it knows, and which "reassures" it, and it will then be ready to face new scents. Reset!

What are your techniques for maintaining your sense of smell? Tell us everything!



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