Our spring selection

Spring is finally showing up! A ray of sunshine through the window, birds singing in the streets, and buds starting to bloom... all of this soothes our hearts and lifts our spirits! In short, this ambient good mood made us want to put together a special spring selection, just for you.


The 102 with mimosa, a bright idea!

Have you ever been to Grasse in the South of France? The mimosa plant, with its bright yellow blooms, is an integral part of the springtime decor of the region. It announces that sunny days are ahead... These little golden balls with their velvet touch smell divine but above all, they are very pretty!

The 102, a flowery, fresh and soft fragrance.


The 004 - gin and tonic, the great return of cocktails on the terrace!

After a long day of work, what could be better than meeting friends on a terrace to sip on a drink and tell each other about your lives! Our 004 is an explosive cocktail of juniper berries and citrus fruits, which reminds us of the fizzy and ultra-fresh notes of a classic gin and tonic. The 004’s extra little secret?  White musks that bring a long hold to this cologne!


Candle 01 with mint, a desire for freshness?

You can feel the approach of beautiful days ahead and it's finally time for the first breakfasts basking in the sun!

Mint, basil... a bouquet of herbs that teases your nostrils, leaving you wanting more! In this candle, you will find the liveliness of basil and mint, and the green notes of fig leaves crumpled between your fingers!


The box with 10 miniatures, curious?

Discover the 10 star fragrances of our collection in mini version. From Cologne to Aquatic, through Fruity, Floral or even Aromatic, the box offers an olfactory itinerary full of scents... and colors! It's a great way to discover or introduce others to perfumes. Dare to combine fragrances with each other to find your unique scent!


And if you’re not sure, Hugo will help you find your happiness! You can write to him at contact@bonparpeur.com




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