Shortlist of sunny spots in Paris for this summer 🌞

Shortlist of sunny spots in Paris for this summer : 

1_Restaurant Maison Maison on the quays + the 802

The beautiful days are here, what could be nicer than enjoying the Parisian sun along the banks of the Seine? We love Maison Maison, a small restaurant by the water where everything is made with fresh products, the atmosphere is relaxing, and you can hang out with friends over a glass of wine. The 802 makes for the perfect combo with this trendy place. Its aquatic notes will remind you of the sparkling water of the Seine, as well as the freshness of the breeze that caresses your skin. 


 2_Sunset on the hill of Montmartre + the 202

If, like Domitille (new to the team), you are in love with sunsets, a visit to Montmartre is a must. With your crush or with friends, the star spot = the steps in front of the Sacré Coeur. Domi tells us that "it's incredible to see Paris under a veil of orange-red light" from this viewpoint. We believe her! The 202, with the tangy scent of currants, softened by notes of jasmine is her top pick. She loves it for its fresh and luminous side - perfect for summer.


 3_Petit Bain + the 801

An island in the city? Moored in the 13th arrondissement, the Petit Bain awaits you! Spend a lively and sunny afternoon at this floating restaurant, complete with its own hanging garden on board! If you’re a fan of the quaint Île de Noirmoutier, then you will love this new spot in the city. Staying with the marine theme, the 801 fits in perfectly – a spray on the neck brings notes of sea spray, cedar, and grapefruit.


 4_Le Perchoir Rooftop + the 004

A fresh, sparkling cocktail with a hint of bitterness, sounds like a Gin and tonic!

This is the olfactory idea that is found in our spicy cologne, the 004. Who knows, maybe Karine Dubreuil Sereni found her inspiration at Le Perchoir! A rooftop bar in Ménilmontant, a dream place to catch the last rays of sunshine, with a bonus view of the rooftops of Paris (and with a G&T in hand, of course).

Give us your best spots in Paris too! 



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