Happy France’s national day with Bon Parfumeur 🇫🇷

July 14th, France’s national day - the day of baguette, cheese, wine, and perfume! Grasse is the world capital of perfumery. For generations, artisan perfumers and flower producers have succeeded in passing down their unique knowledge to keep this exceptional heritage alive. At Bon Parfumeur, we are proud to be able to contribute to it.


Normandy, Grasse, Cognac, Grignan, Chartres, Aix en Provence… we aim to keep our supply chain short. Short enough that we can tour France, visiting all our suppliers, with a camera under our arm!


-In Normandy, Pochet du Courval: This name may mean nothing to you... but it’s the historic and best-known French glassworks. This is where our bottles are produced!

- Auvergne: Well known for its cheeses, this region is also where our packaging is made... A few meters from the basilica of Brioude.

- Cognac: You’ve probably heard of this one, but we’re not interested in the alcohol that is produced here. Instead, this is where we source our labels! (Who would have believed it ?)

- Chartres: Because they have to be as strong as the cathedral, our products are assembled in this beautiful city!

- Rumilly in Savoie, also known for its cheese! But this time, we meet there for the manufacturer of our hand creams, (we’ll come back for the Reblochon).

- Aix en Provence, right next to Villeneuve: renowned for its soap factory of course. This is where all our solid soaps are born.

- Cugand, one hour from Nantes, in Loire Atlantique: meet at Bougies La Française. It’s no surprise that with such a name they make candles (since 1902)! Bingo, we found our partner! It is thanks to their team that our candles are so beautiful!

As you can see, we’re quite attached to our products being 100% made in France ;)



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