A day in the workshop where our hand creams are made 👏

With a great adventure ahead, we leave for a day in Savoie. Too bad there’s no time to ski -  we are off to see where our hand creams are made!

After two hours by TGV to Bourg en Bresse and another 2 hours by car, we finally arrive in Rumilly, 1 hour from Lyon. It’s a charming little village, with houses typical of this mountainous region.

When we arrive, we’re met by Francine who is in charge of the line and she explains everything to us in detail. Would you like to find out how these little beauties are made? Join us for the tour !

First, the sugar cane tubes arrive from a factory nearby in large boxes. One by one, the girls (yes, there were only ladies that day) carefully place the labels on each cap, making sure to center them perfectly.

The tubes are then placed in the "dispenser" of the machine and are stacked on top of each other. From here, five crucial steps take place that will require mastering the machine's settings beforehand. This can take up to a whole day!

The open tube is placed and then centered by the machine using a red light to mark the impressions. The second step is to fill the tubes with cream. Next, the "heating head" comes into play. This is a system that allows the top of the tube to be heated before welding and then bam! a tool comes to flatten and weld the tube. It cools quickly and the top is cut to even it out. The tubes slide out onto a carpet, and the keen eyes of the workers watch out for the slightest flaw. The weight of the tubes is also checked - 30 grams, no more no less!

No waste, those that can’t be sold will be donated to an association. We left with two boxes under our arms!

It’s not over yet! After production, the tubes go directly to boxing. Each pair of hands is ready at their post. The product is placed, the container is closed, six products placed in a box... and voilà, they leave for Chartres near Paris, where they are stored in our warehouse before arriving at your home!

While we were there, we also met with Luc, our formulator. He’s the one who developed the "recipe" for our gorgeous hand creams, using organic Aloe Vera and 98% natural ingredients. At the very beginning of the production process, Luc works in his home laboratory doing formulation tests which he then adapts to produce the creams in larger quantities.

An intense day with some fascinating encounters which make us proud to create and manufacture our products 100% in France.

3 hand creams : 003, 101, 801.




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