Orange blossom: treat yourself to a Bon Parfumeur eau de parfum with orange blossom

Sweet yet fresh, orange blossom will transport you to a sun-drenched lounger. Combined with floral notes, it creates zingy yet subtle perfumes. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Like a colorful cocktail in a fancy bar...

In the mood for something refreshing? No problem: say goodbye to Granny’s favorite (and old-fashioned) eau de cologne and mix things up with some sophisticated notes. To create exclusive scents, our incredibly talented perfumers like to combine orange blossom with petitgrain or bergamot for a sparkling and tonic fragrance.

Are you a fan of mix and match? Combine orange blossom perfumes with nutmeg or patchouli fragrances for an oriental scent. For a forest feel, mix it up with notes of cedar or vetiver.


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