Intense perfumes

Intense Perfumes


Discover a wide choice of intense fragrances at Bon Parfumeur. These perfumes are called "intense" because they are made from raw materials that cling to the skin. They are powerful, characterful perfumes that will leave a real trail behind you. They are stronger and more sustained than fresh perfumes. The base notes are also worked to last longer and to diffuse more intensity ... Sometimes, one spray is enough to embalm you for the whole day! As with our range of exclusive perfumes Les Privés which, for example, are mostly intense perfumes (303, 903, 603) except for 104, which is a fresh perfume. In a more general way, the special perfumes (901, 902), gourmand perfumes (501), amber and spices perfumes (301, 302), and oriental perfumes (401 402) perfumes are intense perfumes. The important thing is not the quantity, but the way in which we perfumes ourself, and the way to choose our perfume. The intense perfumes mark a certain presence. To choose a perfume, it is above all to choose a smell which looks like us. Whether it is a fresh or intense perfume, find all our advices to choose your perfume.


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