How to choose a children’s perfume ?

Does your little one want to wear perfume, just like a grown-up? It’s time to choose an age-appropriate perfume! Which scents appeal to children and how should you teach them to wear fragrance as part of their new beauty routine? Not sure where to start? Read on for our expert advice!

Which notes for a children’s fragrance?

Although they’re very similar to perfumes for adults, scents for children are created using notes that take us back in time. Here are the scents that are found most often in perfumes for children and teens:

Sweet notes for a delicious scent

There’s nothing better for a children’s perfume than a scent they already know and love! We love children’s fragrances with notes of cotton candy, caramel and chewing gum. These scents evoke happy memories of funfairs and amusement parks and bring playfulness to their new beauty routine. What could be better?

Floral/green notes

 Looking for a children’s perfume with that sweet baby smell? Choose delicate fragrances featuring honeysuckle, orange blossom, almond or lavender. These notes are a nostalgic reminder of the baby care products that left your newborn smelling so irresistible!

Citrus notes

Hesperide fragrances are a great choice for a children’s perfume. Notes of citrus fruits including grapefruit, tangerine and orange add a fresh and invigorating touch to the perfume: the ideal way to motivate your little monster in the morning!

Fruity notes

Your child will love perfumes with fruity notes: cherry, raspberry, peach and even banana. Little ones love these smells that remind them of mouth-watering summer snacks!

Children’s perfume: be demanding!

It’s not always easy to make a choice when faced with the multitude of children’s fragrances that are currently available. Here are a few things to consider before you buy:

Focus on clean fragrances

We always want the best for our children, so make sure there are no nasty ingredients in the scent you choose! Choose the most natural perfume possible by opting for fragrances with a high percentage of natural ingredients and avoid any controversial substances. Remember to choose a clean fragrance without any dyes or UV filters: the ideal option to guarantee your little one’s safety!

An environmentally responsible children’s perfume!

It’s a great idea to help your child to adopt a new beauty routine, but it’s even better if you can teach them about sustainability at the same time! To set an example, opt for a bottle that’s truly sustainable. Choose a fragrance in a 100% recyclable glass bottle and packaged in recycled cardboard: the ideal way to teach children how to enjoy wearing perfume while protecting the planet! Our recommendation? Once the perfume is finished, help your child recycle the glass bottle and the cardboard packaging!

How should children wear perfume?

Your child’s chosen a fragrance “just like a grown-up” but you’re not sure how to protect their delicate skin? Read on for all our tips on making sure your little one wears perfume in the safest way possible:

- Perfume their clothes: to ensure that your little one leaves a signature scent wherever they go, spray a few drops of perfume on the collar of their clothes and on their sleeves. In winter, spray a little fragrance on their scarf or hat so that they can enjoy their favorite fragrance at all times.

- Create a cloud of perfume: spray a little fragrance in the air so that your child can walk back and forth to capture the scent. This is a great way to perfume your little one from head to toe!

- Perfume your child’s hair: spray a little fragrance on a comb or a brush and style their hair. As your little one’s hair blows in the breeze, it will release some of the fragrance. Ideal for impressing their friends!

Looking for a perfume for young children (girl or boy? It’s as easy as ABC! However, make sure that you opt for age-appropriate fragrances and pay special attention to the brand’s ethics. One thing’s for sure: with scents that transport you back to childhood, natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, you’ll definitely make the right choice! Whether you’re choosing a women’s perfume, a men’s fragrance or a unisex scent, read on for our best tips!



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