4 Parisian spots that smell good ! 💭

We all have smells which make us nostalgic, remind us of a person, a moment, an emotion, a place, transport us to a memory. We invite you to visit 4 Parisian places marked by a strong olfactory universe, a fragrant journey on the occasion of the 39th edition of the Patrimony Day.
Bagatelle Park
Indian summer, omnipresent heat that amplifies the scents and hovers over the streets of the capital. Are you looking for poetry and freshness?  We recommend you to take a walk (or a rest) in the sublime gardens of the Parc de Bagatelle, the place where 106 was created for its rose gardens. You're not dreaming, these English-style gardens are home to the most beautiful rose garden in Paris from May to October. The bright floral notes and the sweet and tender smells make for a true source of inspiration.
Le Sacré Coeur
Looking for peace and serenity for your next excursion? Follow us to the top of the 270 steps of the Montmartre hill, to (re)discover the Sacré Coeur. We promise you, it's worth it! The notes of incense that tickle your nose + activate fragrant memory: you'd think you were on a trip that starts in the temples of Tokyo and ends in the nave of the Sacré Coeur. They remind us of the mystical smell of the 702.
City Hall Library
More in the mood for a little Paris history session? The floor-to-ceiling wood-paneled rooms of the Hôtel de Ville library that house old books about the capital remind us of that dry, woody smell of cedar wood. The globe in the center of the room will take you back in time.
Alexander III Bridge
4 golden pillars measuring 17 meters high that link the esplanade des Invalides to the Grand Palais, do you recognize them? We are talking about the most majestic bridge in Paris, the Alexandre III bridge. A refreshing, almost sea-scented stroll along the banks of the Seine while admiring the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Need a little freshness: take a stroll along the quays or spray some of our 801 sprays!
And you, where do you go to be transported? 


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