Our Perfume Guide

Our fragrance guide will help you choose your new fragrance. At Bon Parfumeur we understand that it is not always easy to choose your perfume online. That's why our expert advices are here to give you a hand! We covered everything you kneed to know about perfumes in our Perfume Guide.

1 / How to choose your perfume?

The choice of your scent says a lot about us, as an extension of our personality, a personal choice that says a lot. However, loving a perfume does not mean that it is the one for us! So how do you choose your perfume?

Some people like choosing their perfume spontaneously. If that's not your case we've got your covered! Read everything you kneed to know about choosing your perfume here.

2 / How to recognize a real perfume?

If we speak of “perfume” to designate what we use to perfume ourselves every day, there are actually several categories of fragrance, which differ in their concentration. So how do you recognize a “real” perfume?

I have been very impressed by the quality of every Bon Parfumeur fragrances i've tried. I definitely wasn't expecting such quality ingredients and balanced scents. My best perfumes 💌

— Lorella Azoulai

You've always wandered the difference between perfume, eau de perfume, eau de cologne, eau de toilette? Learn more about the different ways to make fragrances here.

3 / How to wear perfume?

If creating a perfume is quite an art, the art of perfuming yourself is relatively simple. Our team tells you all about how to wear perfume. For daily actions to improve the hold of your perfume, it's here!

Wearing perfume is similar to choosing an appropriated dress code. There are some rules on what you can do and you must absolutely avoid to highlight your perfume, according to your fragrance selection. So how to wear perfume?

4 / Our recommandations on how to use perfume

How to use your perfume? At Bon Parfumeur our perfumes are in the form of spray or mini sample vials. The use is different and you should always take the time to calmly apply perfume. The dosage of a perfume depends on who is wearing it. We tell you all about the recommended use of the perfume right here.

Pro tip: Do you know about the evaluation process of perfumers use to evaluate fragrance? They never put perfume on their skin to decide on a fragrance but use strips of odorless white blotting paper instead, called "mouillette".

Don't look any further if you want to use a perfume bottle like a pro. Read our recommandations here.

5 / How to choose your perfume?

It's so difficult to choose ... At Bon Parfumeur all of our fragrances are deliberately gender-neutral. We have to admit it, a perfume is first and foremost an emotion that only you control. You can also browse our classifications to help you discover how to choose a fragrance.

6 / The different styles of perfumes

We can differentiate the perfumes according to several criteria. The most obvious ones are according to their smell and their olfactory family. Beyond olfactory family we can also distinguish perfumes according to their type of fragrances. At Bon Parfumeur it is possible to differentiate different styles of perfume among our 28 fragrances.

I originally reached out to Bon Parfumeur to get some advise on how to choose a new fragrance for my wife. Their service was very sweet and explained me all their different styles of perfumes. This was very helpful in choosing her the perfect fragrance!

— Maxim Tourou

Did you know that perfumes also exists in different forms? There are indeed liquid versus solid fragrances. The liquid versions are the most common in 33ml or 100ml format for example. At Bon Parfumeur all our perfumes are liquid and available in 3 formats: 15ml, 30ml and 100ml.

7 / The scent that suits us

It is common to identify yourself to a scent. You may have already thought of someone when you accidentally recognize their scent on a bend in a street. If a perfume reminds you of a particular emotion, it's because behind it hides a transposed character. It is therefore important to take care to choose a scent that suits us.

At Bon Parfumeur we believe in GenderFree fragrances so that everyone can find a scent to match his personality and mood.

— Founder & CEO, Ludovic Bonneton

Discover all Bon Parfumeur Genderfree fragrances here.


The different styles of perfume

How to recognize a real perfume?

How to choose your perfume?

Recommended use of perfume

The scents that suits to us



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