3 Very Limited Editions of Candle 04 for Mode Estime

3 candles encased in unique  ceramic jars, handcrafted with passion  by Pierre Aulas ! Olfactory director for Bon Parfumeur, Pierre also has a passion for the craft of pottery, with a special affection for the Japanese Raku method that involves smoking the clay pieces during the firing process. Sales go towards supporting our partner non-profit, Mode Estime. 

This very particular firing technique causes an intense smoke to escape and mingle with the scents of herbs and wood. It's this wonderful inspiration that he encapsulates in the scent of the candle 04. A captivating scent with subtle and smoky facets of Lapsang Souchong black tea, followed by the aromatic and vegetal notes of mugwort that bring an unexpected freshness. Finally, nuances of birchwood provide depth and warm, charming nuances and a characteristic leather tone.

These candles will be sold own website and all profits will be donated to Mode Estime. This association, supported by the Maison since it started, aides people living with disabilities  and in socially vulnerable situations, teaching them textile design and sewing to use as tools for economic empowerment.  This partnership has already been a year in the making. Last year, we partnered with  Mode Estime to design and make our original tote bag. These exceptional ceramic candles handcrafted by Pierre Aulas, allow us to extend our commitment to this important cause.

“What I like about Raku is that each piece is unique, with its own cracks, and not necessarily perfect. There are always a few small flaws that give it its full soul. By the way, Raku in Japanese means “happiness in chance”.

- Pierre Aulas



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