Bon Parfumeur x Carne Bollente, very limited edition

Pauline, Bon Parfumeur’s incredible Art Director, has a major crush on the brand Carne Bollente. This brand is outspoken, open, and honest about all things sexuality and sex. They advocate for body positivity, without ever being vulgar. Have you ever seen their little guys walking around naked on their Instagram account? They are not afraid to expose themselves in an effort to change attitudes and cultural norms around sexuality. Like us, they have worked alongside Jaden and Sohrâb, two very talented people who mean a lot to us. Jaden has been part of our Bon Parfumeur community since the very beginning, and Sohrâb’s beautiful dancing was featured in our brand video in January. So we have a lot in common with Carne!


301 - A cold and spicy sandalwood

We worked closely with the team at Carne to choose the fragrance for our collab. Initially, Agoston and Théodore loved the 003, but after reflection, the warmth and depth of the spices in the 301 clung better to the skin of this collaboration...

The Cumin and Cardamom battle head-to-head in this fragrance, creating a spicy atmosphere that's hot and cold all at once. This tension makes the overall scent vibrate, all in elegant harmony with the racy inflections of dry wood.

Note: ultra limited edition - 300 bottles not one more!

Together, we decided to have a silkscreen print design on the bottle, in our signature red that indicates the 300s (the amber and spicy family). Out with the traditional label!

300 pieces left our factory, not one more! We hope you like this super limited edition as much as we do!



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