In the spotlight, our photographers 📸

World Photo Day = a great opportunity for us to tell you about our star photographers.

It’s thanks to them that our visuals are such high quality and so uniquely beautiful.

You may know Arash Khaksari? Born in Tehran, he grew up in a rich multicultural environment with a director father and an actress mother. With artist blood running through his veins, Arash started his photography journey in 2016 when he picked up his sister's camera. In addition to his love for black and white photography, he also has a passion for fashion and beauty, and it is these two worlds that he chooses to represent in his work. With his sober but sophisticated photographs, he seeks to highlight the natural beauty of his models. He wants to tell their lives through his photos.  It is Arash who produced all our visuals of skin and intimate shots of our models, that we reuse endlessly - they are timeless. 

The second photographer who is very close to our heart is Mathilde Hiley. With a special gift for lifestyle visuals, she is the one behind all our product photos. She beautifully captures the life of our diffusers, candles, 004 colognes, 702 etc. In the shadows, Pierre Vaillant, the very talented set designer who knows exactly how to imagine a piece of decor and perfectly place it so that the shapes respond to each other. It is the harmonization of the work and talent of Pierre and Mathilde that produces such a sharp result.




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