Meeting with Valentine our muse of the 106 🌞

We have a huge crush on Valentine! With her authentic, straightforward, and sunny personality, she embodies exactly what we want to capture in our new 106 rose fragrance.


  •     What do you do outside of modeling? 

“Beside modeling, I work in research and art. My work is mainly oriented around music and Persian rugs. I have an art diploma and I also studied ethnology. I am passionate about many things, but my two biggest passions are music and literature. Carpets come just behind and together they are the foundations of my research work as well as my creative work.”


  •     What inspires you?

 “I am very inspired by Iran. It is my number one inspiration in my work, but also by this link that I have with Iran from being born in France and having an outside view on it. I work a lot on the subject of origins, roots.”


  •     What link do you find between the art of wearing perfume and modeling?

“Perfume and modeling are linked, for me, around this idea of ​​a second skin. There is a desire to merge a body, a person, with the textile, the smell. To create a new connection.”


  •     Do you have a favorite perfume from Bon Parfumeur? How do you feel when you wear it? 

“I know very little about Bon Parfumeur perfumes at the moment. I'm brand new to the adventure but I must admit that I loved the 301, it has a smell of spices that really characterizes me and makes me feel good. It's a blend of scents reminiscent of Turkish coffee with its touch of cardamom. It is a perfume that stays on the skin for a very long time but doesn’t take up all the space, it also allows the smell of the person to show through. And I think that’s something important in a perfume: that it doesn’t completely mask the smell of the person but that it accompanies it and nourishes it.”



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