New floral : 106 Rose Damascena, Davana and Vanilla 🌹

The floral family is growing! We present you 106, a vanilla Damascena rose, the perfect solution to prolong the summer and for a successful return to school. Ludovic Bonneton, the founder of Bon Parfumeur, is a fan of the roses of May from the Parc de Bagatelle. He dreamed of a perfume that transports us to a garden flooded with the scent of sweet roses. Caroline Dumur created a fragrance for Bon Parfumeur with a “soft rose like in a garden” with more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin.

To discover the 106, you must first enter the Bon Parfumeur atelier. Once inside, we get closer to the floral family, which we recognize by their pink colored labels and their number which begins with a 1. At first, we notice the 101, the very first creation of the floral family. Then 102, 103 and so on until you get to 106, the latest launch of this fragrance family... what could be simpler than a perfumer’s classification to find your way around the Bon Parfumeur collection?

A natural and upcycling rose 

To go further in our search for naturalness and to get closer to the smell of a natural garden rose, we have used recycled ingredients. Processed by steam distillation, the rose petal releases a fragrant essential oil. Then, we recover the distillation waters which still contain some odorous molecules. After several rounds of manipulating this water, a new scent of rose is produced. This rose offers a fresher, greener and crisper fragrance and complements the essential oil of the Damascena rose in the creation.

It is thanks to LMR: Laboratoire Monique Remy founded in Grasse in 1983 that we get such a fresh rose. They work with local producers around the world to provide perfumers with 100% pure, natural, transparent ingredients and always with a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. 

Caroline Dumur, perfumer with atypical formulas 

Caroline came to perfumery through books: «My mother has always been a big fan of perfumes. She worked in publishing and bought a lot of books on perfume, its history, the perfumer profession, raw materials. I remember this photo of a perfumer who is smelling a civet, it marked me, it was a kind of trigger.” An original way to land in the world of perfumery! What we like about Caroline is that she conceals many secrets, mythical ingredients, atypical formulas... but above all, her welcoming and kind nature. Caroline is also the creator of Nomade Naturelle by Chloé, Chlorophyll Gardenia by Comme des Garçons, Pure XS For Him by Paco Rabanne.



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