Out of inspiration for a Valentine's Day gift? Follow us…it's this way!


Valentine's Day is approaching and this year again, you're in serious trouble... tick-tock, let's take control of things! Mission: finding the perfect gift. In 2022, disappointing your better half is not an option!

We’ve got 3 (super) scented ideas to help you declare your love.


Essentials box 003

Scented hand cream? Scented soap? Perfume ? Why choose ? This year, to please your loved one, we suggest you set your sights on our “Essentials 003” box set which includes our 3 essentials to pamper the body. With key notes of yuzu, violet leaves, and vetiver, this box ensures that its recipient will be perfumed from head to toe!


The box of 10 mini shots

It’s commonly understood that we all have our personal preferences when it comes to tastes and colors. The same is true of perfumes! To be certain of making the right choice, we advise you to opt for a safe bet: a box set made up of our 10 best-sellers in mini version. Must-have fragrances par excellence, to always adapt to your current mood. Plus, they’re small enough to slip into a purse or bag and be taken anywhere! 


A mix and match

A little, a lot, passionately, madly… mixing and matching is combining two, three perfumes (or more for the craziest out there) and creating your own perfumed trail, a unique olfactory signature that you won’t find anyone else wearing. You’ll find duo boxes directly on our website to play mix and match. Of course, it’s always possible to use each eau de parfum alone!

A little hint, if between you and your partner you have a large collection of perfumes, don’t hesitate to exchange and combine them!




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