Spotted: our new arrival, Candle 04!

Now the winter chill is in the air, we all want to curl up at home in the warm and get away from it all. There’s nothing better than a cozy ambiance of comforting aromas, a cup of tea in your hands. So guess what? Bon Parfumeur has made your wishes come true with a new candle companion. 

Our family of candles is growing. So welcome our new arrival: the mysterious and captivating Candle 04. 

Pierre wanted to shine a light on black tea. Picture yourself snuggled up in a thick blanket by the fireside, cradling a cup of black tea. An initial spellbinding swirl of subtle, very smoky aromas gives way to a surprising aromatic facet that lends unexpected freshness. Gentle woody notes then add to this candle’s comforting character.

We love its ingredients, so let’s take a closer look:

First of all is birch. Perhaps you've heard of it? It adds depth and distinctive warm, sweet and leathery facets. Mmmm! How about Lapsang Souchong black tea? Its intense, astonishingly smoky, floral and woody notes make the perfect accompaniment to the birch and reveal a bold personality. It’s a winning duo! Last but by no means least is mugwort. This aromatic plant gives off a wonderful freshness and botanical accents. Its green yet bitter facets make this creation unusual and captivating. 

Like a loyal companion, let our candle take your senses on a journey this winter and warm your heart while you await the arrival of sunnier days (they can’t come soon enough, right?). 

But who is the man behind this little wonder? We’ve mentioned Pierre Aulas from the get-go, but who is he? He is our olfactory artistic director and has been part of the BP family since the beginning. We share the same values and, just like us, he has made uniqueness his mission. He is a bit of a dabbler artistically speaking as he is also an opera singer and a ceramicist in his spare time. He wanted to highlight this passion in our new candle. Pierre actually uses smoke firing to produce his pottery, according to the Japanese method of Raku. This releases many plumes of smoke mixed with the aromas of herbs and wood. He encapsulated this marvelous source of inspiration in the fragrance of our wonderful 04.

Admit it, you’ve got a burning desire to try it! 



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