Summer vibes


Are you busy planning your holidays? Don't forget to slip your favorite perfume into your suitcase, an essential for a hot summer! Here are our tips for fresh scents during the day and more intense scents at night… two different attitudes, two different atmospheres!


Freshness for the day

004 - A gin and tonic cologne

On the terrace, you catch someone’s eye, it’s the perfect moment to take a sip of your fresh G&T. The sun is beating down and the beach is filling up, the day is off to a good start! This cologne has pep and longevity thanks to its trio of ingredients: gin, mandarin, and musk.


202 - A fruity and transparent jasmine

On a sunny afternoon, there is nothing more refreshing than biting into a piece of watermelon that’s bursting with flavor. The 202 is a fragrance full of energy, evoking feelings of pure happiness! This eau de parfum is a fruit cocktail based on watermelon, currant and jasmine.


802 - A pink aquatic

The day is dawning, your hair is still wet as you get out of the shower but it will dry in approximately 3 seconds. This is what summer feels like ! The 802 is a fresh and sweet fragrance, (just like you). Notes of peony, lotus, and bamboo = tender and aqueous tones. A spray on the neck and off you go!


Intensity for the evening

302 - An ultra-musky amber

Intense and sweet oriental pastries are always deliciously tempting for you. In fact, if temptation had a smell, it would be the 302! Warm, spicy and velvety notes = sandalwood + amber + iris. Admit it, you’re dying to smell it! 


401 - An addictive plum

We would gladly get lost in the colorful streets of Havana, dancing to the rhythm of Afro-Cuban sounds! The 401 makes us totally addicted to plum with its smooth and bewitching candied fruit tones. Caliente!


902 – An armagnac tobacco 

You’re heading out from your hotel in the heart of Lisbon. Big smiles, the evening is only just beginning! The 902 reveals a rich, intense and surprising fragrance with its notes of tobacco, armagnac and cinnamon. It perfectly captures the anticipation of a hot summer night out in the city. 


So, which do you prefer? Something fresh for the day or something a little more ‘caliente’ for the evening?




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