The Atelier sets finally arrived! 🎁

Who hasn’t dreamed of stepping into a perfumer’s atelier? Gift your loved ones a unique experience this Christmas.

You are walking in Paris ... and on the corner of a street you enter a atelier, a perfumer’s atelier. Mini bottles numbered and annotated with their 3 main notes... there you go. Unpack this box and explore the Bon Parfumeur Atelier.



There are 30 mini bottles in front of you, the complete Bon Parfumeur fragrance collection. You can smell them, feel them, and discover them using the perfumer’s dipping keys.

We’ ll let you explore and share with us your best mix and match and personal favourites.



Help them find their favourite fragrances from a collection of 10 mini perfumes. Smell them together, then smell again a few hours later to understand the fragrance’s evolution... and most importantly, write down your thoughts and feelings on the feedback sheet provided in the box!

Warning, the stocks are limited... there won’t be enough for everyone! (We just wanted to warn you).




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