The founders of Carne Bollente - limited edition collab 🌶️


Intrigued by our collaboration with Carne Bollente? Want to know more about this ultra-positive brand? We’ll tell you all about its founders.


First, let’s go back to the basics: Carne Bollente is an inclusive and “sex positive” fashion label based in Paris and Brussels. As you already know, for this collab Carne Bollente designed something special to dress the bottle of our iconic perfume 301. The design shows off the unique style of this queer label, against a backdrop of offbeat humor and a celebration of sexuality and the human body.


You’re probably wondering “who created this ready-to-wear brand which, through its creations, offers an offbeat approach to eroticism by celebrating the individuality and beauty of the human body?” Well, it was Hijiri Endo (Japanese), Théodore Famery (French), and Agoston Palinko (Hungarian) who came together in 2015 to create Carne Bollente.


But how did it start?


It all started with a joke between Agoston and Theo when they were both art students. They wanted to create a concept they had never seen before, a contrast between creativity, technique and a strong theme. Very quickly the theme of “sex positivity” came to mind. It was a little later that the ready-to-wear brand took shape, when Hijiri joined them.

Now, we're all wondering what "carne bollente" means... You're not dreaming, it really does mean "boiling meat" in Italian. Their secret is that this name, super sexy and funny, is the original title of a legendary porn movie: “The Rise of the Roman Empress”.


Their inspiration comes from everywhere: from Paris, which they describe as a unique city with incredible people from the world of art and ready-to-wear. But above all, what enriches and inspires these 3 friends, and makes their project unique, is their completely different origins.


You certainly do not suspect it, but the 3 acolytes never had a real office, a ‘HQ’. Théo, who lives in Brussels, takes care of the artistic direction. Agoston, also living in Brussels, does most of the illustrations. While Hijiri lives in Paris and takes care of the business and merchandising of the collection.



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