Who is Odonchimeg?

Odonchimeg Davaadorj…does her name ring a bell? We met her during a casting and the crush was immediate. Her talent, her universe, her gentleness, and her sensitivity to nature got to us.

Being guided by the wind like a bird, Odonchimeg does not lack creativity! Born in Mongolia, then having lived her early years in Prague, it was finally in France, in Paris, that she decided to put down some roots.

With Odonchimeg, creativity is a bit of a leitmotif. After studying Fine Arts in France, she is now based as a visual artist in Paris! What does she love most in the world? Endless creativity! Whatever the field. Restoration of paintings, styling of jewelry...she is a true jack-of-all-trades who seeks to express her talent in all forms of art.

Where does she find inspiration? The youth, ecological issues, and feminism are at the heart of her works. To bring them to life, she opts for Indian ink or watercolors that she paints on paper or on fabric: intense and striking at the same time!

Her other hobbies? She also tells us that she loves nature and animals: a true free and untamed spirit.

After being immersed in her universe, we took the time to find out more about her vision of perfume.

Some words from Odonchimeg:

  •     What is your definition of perfume?

"Perfume is like a work of art, like a painting with a story behind it: the conception, the realization, the creation and the olfactory result which in the end comes to rest on us... A kind of language to communicate with others !”

  •     As an artist, what link do you find between art and perfume?

“A perfume is a work of art that has been freely designed by perfumers. A simple liquid that expresses the fruit of their thoughts and their unique understanding of the ingredients. It is by its nature a very intimate creation! Through my perfume, I like to be able to communicate my thoughts, my values, ​​and my memories... In the end, it's like when you paint. We transmit our ideas, and sometimes it reminds us of our memories with our loved ones… like with my mother or my grandmother.” 

  •     How do you feel when you wear perfume?

"When I decide to wear perfume, it's for me first and foremost. I find it’s a way to assert myself... perfume is the extension of my desires, my values, and my character traits that I want to exhibit… such as my creativity and my curiosity!”

  •     And finally, how would you see the world without perfume?

"If the world didn't have a scent, life would be so sad... Imagine not smelling the scent of coffee in the morning? It would be so bland, so flat, so insipid!”

Her definition of perfume is in perfect synch with ours. Together, we tell you an authentic story of perfume, showcasing the savoir-faire of our creators and our commitment to nature.




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