Alexandra Monet

Alexandra Monet is inspired by her many travels. While working for the famous perfume house DROM, she’s visited Munich, New York and Paris. Her favorite fragrance? Very pure musky scents: they have a clean, fresh feel that’s very reassuring. 

Alexandra has always loved working with leather notes: they add a carnal and sensual side to perfumes. She often uses different kinds of rose, including Damask rose, to produce elegant scents. 

For Bon Parfumeur, Alexandra created our Perfume 101, with notes of rose (what a surprise!), sweet pea and white cedar. It’s a real tribute to the ultimate flower. The fresh notes of Damask rose are combined with green, spicy notes of cardamom. Sweet pea and lily of the valley add a floral touch. Then there’s white cedar and patchouli to give this perfume an elegant signature. It’s the perfect combo!

Taking the time to enjoy a glass of wine, strolling through the streets of Paris at sunrise, breathing in a rose’s scent: these are just some of the images that this unique fragrance evokes. In short, it’s an ode to la dolce vita!



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