Benoît Lapouza

It all began at Takasago, where Pierre Bourdon trained Benoît Lapouza in the art of perfumery. His mentor shared his values of purity, beauty and creativity and Benoît continued to be inspired by these values when he joined Quest. After a period at Fragrances Ressources, he joined Drom in 2014, which is now known as Givaudan. What a career!

He is a real fan of beautiful materials and natural ingredients and creates sensual yet refreshing perfumes. His favorite scents? Vetiver with its complex duality, osmanthus, wood and flowers. Benoît is also inspired by another passion of his: the sea. With his love of regattas, sailing and diving, it’s an endless source of inspiration. It feels like an extraordinary breath of fresh air for him: he can’t get enough!

Travel naturally influences his creations, as do his social interactions. He’s got plenty of stories to tell: from his olfactory interview with Olivier Roellinger and his original approach to Sichuan pepper to how he discovered incredible new citrus fruits such as lime caviar in Bachès. Benoît Lapouza likes to expand his horizons and draws on these experiences to create new and original fragrances.

Benoît Lapouza is the creative force behind our Eau de Parfum 701, an aromatic and slightly fruity perfume. The combination of eucalyptus, coriander and cypress offers an explosion of spicy and captivating notes. Will you pick up on hidden notes of cannabis? Let us know!



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