Fresh feminine perfumes

At Bon Parfumeur we have a wide selection of fresh feminine fragrances. Every Bon Parfumeur perfume is faceted and you will find both intense scents and fresh scents. Among our fresh perfumes we obviously count our cologne range (001, 002, 003), but also our aromatic (701), floral (101, 102, 103, 104), aquatic (801, 802), woody (601, 602) and fruity (201, 202, 203). That's a lot to remember, we know. Our perfume guide will direct you on our various olfactory families.  They leave a fresh and light trail behind. We like them for their freshness and their subtlety. They are lighter and more airy than intense perfumes. They will bring you freshness and softness throughout the day. The notes of these perfumes are more volatile than our intense ones, but that doesn't mean that their hold on the skin is weak! Whether you prefer fresh fragrances or intense fragrances, the important thing is to find the scents that suit you.  



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